True Detective: An Appreciation of Season 2

Ray (Colin Farrell), Frank (Vince Vaughn) and Paul (Taylor Kitsch) — no, these are not the names of 1920 mobsters, hiding in the shadows of urban cites. They’re the names of the newest broken gangsters and lawmen meeting in the city of “Vinci” for the HBO series True Detective.

The men of True Detective are sloppy and careless, yet wildly sensitive for my taste, however it works extremely well. How so? Well, it’s due to the casting of some badass chicks. Now in most dramas the women always stand by their men through thick and thin, but in True Detective Ani (Rachel McAdams) and Jordan (Kelly Reilly) are powerhouse women who are not afraid to stand up, even if that means death could possibly be lurking around the next twist and turn in this wild wild “true west.”

Most fans of the first season — you know the one with the dreamy but spaced out Matthew McConaughey and the ever so serious Woody Harrelson — are not so impressed. Some think that Season 2 is moving way too slow. It’s not interesting enough and or it’s just not up to par with its first year class. Well, I say “blahhhhh blahhh blahh I can’t hear you!” Maybe yes, the story is at times dragging (or maybe it’s because my fourth glass of red wine is more shallow than Kim Kardashian and is in need of a refill!). All in all, I truly am moved by the acting by all 5 of the main characters.

Det. Ray Velcoro (Farrell) is a sloppy, greasy, hot mess. His on-camera addiction to drugs and alcohol is actually addicting and intoxicating as it runs through my TV veins. His Irish real-life bad boy persona is melted away and all I see is his doe-eyed cry for help and his true love for his son. I feel like his love for his son is 50 percent ego and 25 percent pride. He is tired of being humiliated and judged, so his love pours out of him like a double Johnny Walker black neat. Mesmerizing!

Frank Semyon (Vaughn) is a serious tall drink of Los Angeles water. I am so thrilled he let the funny man act go for this role. I must say the dark side looks extremely well on him. His dark circles, Gucci blazer and Miami Vice shades left him unrecognizable to me. Not only is he serious and is not one to be trifled with, but he is actually very sensitive and deathly terrified everyday he walks outside his front door. He doesn’t seem to have much of a ego to me. He turns the bad on when need be and finds comfort in his wife when needed.

His spouse Jordan (Reilly) is the perfect yin to Frank’s yang. She is a fiery redhead who puts out the fires her husband starts at times with her cool, collective and graceful persona. She is a loyal wife and business partner who doesn’t need to get her hands bloody for diamonds or cars. Jordan keeps it honest, even if that means she could lose it all in the process. I love her stance with Frank and hope to see her support and unravel her husband and his company at the same time.

Det. Ani Bezzerides (McAdams) is one badass woman. Wow, she went from blonde Hollywood sweetheart to a Tomb Raider-like woman in just one role. Sizzling to the core, her dark roots, leather jacket and combat boots leave you wanting more of Ani. I love how she has a voice. She isn’t a “Hot” detective, she is a detective who is hot. She is filled with moodiness and damaged like the rest of the cast. Her heart was broken by the troubled and estranged upbringing and continues to get darker as her relationship with men keeps getting pushed further and further during the investigation of the Ben Casper murder. She isn’t afraid to get dirty, but hurt isn’t even a option for this alpha female. I wont be to mad if her and Ray did a little one-on-one investigating – but that’s just me. 🙂

Officer Paul Woodrugh (Kitsch) … Wow, good old weirdo Paul. I have to admit, when he was introduced in the first episode, I wasn’t buying it. I pre-judged and thought to myself “This Blue Steel” looking pretty boy can’t possibly be dark and on the rest of the cast level. But, was I wrong. Paul has became one of my fave characters and I believe he will keep pushing the envelope. He’s just become so entangled in his own secrets, lies and deception and you peel back another layer each week. He is adrift in his own life, so he runs deep inside his mind and enjoys not knowing how to escape. His viewpoint is very crucial to the story and, yes, he’s easy on the eyes!

As we head into the home stretch of Season 2 of True Detective, I’m looking forward to seeing what turn the series takes next. Until next time, I’m Deandra Miranda for FINDYOURSEEN.COM.

Deandra Miranda

Deandra is an LA native. At a young age she dreamed of hosting her own T.V. show. So, she packed her bags and moved to Downtown LA in 2009. That same year she met fellow Find Your Seen partner Greg Srisavasdi. She found herself modeling full-time in LA to pay for hosting classes. In 2010 she took a break from the "industry" and to travel the world. After a long modeling career in LA, it was time to move to New York City. Deandra recently hit her two year mark modeling full-time in NYC, and still internationally travels. She brings a conversational feel to her articles while being FYS' East Coast informant. You can follow her travels on instagram at @dee_miranda

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