FYS Dating Podcast: “Table for One, I Mean Two”

CR: Deandra Miranda

He walks in to a room, your heart skips a beat, palms are sweaty, he asks for your name. You respond with a hint of flirtation rolling off your tongue. No, this isn’t a scene from a romantic comedy staring Jimmy Stewart, or even my gal JLo. These are the butterflies that have sadly been replaced with “I don’t give a F**k” or even “Sorry not Sorry,” just to name a few. These feelings used to live within us and, sadly, died with our braces and True Religion jeans.  Do you remember when your 9th grade crush ask to borrow a pencil in Algebra class?

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Andrew Garfield: “I Betray Myself Every Day To Survive”

99 Homes
Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man, Never Let Me Go) stars in 99 Homes as Dennis Nash, a single dad who is evicted out of his Florida home by a opportunistic real estate magnate (Michael Shannon). During yesterday’s interviews to discuss 99 Homes, Garfield gave an insightful answer to one of the film’s themes.

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‘Forbidden Games’ Playing At Nuart for 1-Week Engagement


René Clément’s classic film Forbidden Games is now playing at the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles for an exclusive, 1-week engagement. The picture, which is a new digital presentation with updated translation and subtitles, received the 1952 Academy Award for Best Foreign Film and also won the Gold Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

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Big Brother Recap: Welcome Back?


What’s a Judas to do? Austin‘s reign as HoH has seen the gentle giant consistently flip back and forth on what to do. With Vanessa winning the Veto, his backdoor option is gone and the master manipulator behind the beanie has Austin’s head spinning. Continue reading “Big Brother Recap: Welcome Back?”

Big Brother: Mac Under Attack


Welcome back Big Brother fans. When we last left the houseguests on Sunday, everyone was enduring one of the most head-scratching Head of Household weeks yet. Austin won the HoH competition, but started to let Judas get the better of him. Perhaps he really does have a split personality, but neither one can make a decision. In the end, he put Steve and Johnny Mac on the block after Vanessa once again wormed her way out almost a certain nomination. But to be fair, Steve made himself a bigger target, thus he sits in limbo and might have even made himself THE target. Continue reading “Big Brother: Mac Under Attack”

Jennie Garth Makes It Local With DIY Projects

Jennie Garth


Along with her storied run as Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills 90210, Jennie Garth is a big DIYer as evidenced from her HGTV series The Jennie Garth Project. Part of YP’s allure is their #MakeEveryDayLocal campaign, which has as people from all around the country to share their local experiences and passions. Now, Garth has joined that list.

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Fantasy Football 2015: Time to Take a Tight End?


Tight Ends were once an afterthought when it came to fantasy football, but today’s NFL is built for the pass and these part time blockers have more size, more speed and better hands than many of the predecessors. But when should you take a TE in your draft? Use of Fantasy Football guide to help you through draft day: Continue reading “Fantasy Football 2015: Time to Take a Tight End?”

‘The Carmichael Show’ Argues Its Way To Comedy

the carmichael show - pilot
Jerrod Carmichael has been in development with NBC for over three years, and with a little determination and fine tuning, The Carmichael Show premieres Wednesday night (9/8c).
Just 27, Carmichael’s career is gaining momentum thanks to last year’s HBO comedy special Love At The Store (directed by Spike Lee) and his scene stealing work in Neighbors (director Nick Stoller is executive producing the sitcom).

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Big Brother Recap: Judas Iscarediot


When we last left the Head of Household competition on Big Brother, the contestants were taking part in a racing battle. Meg was ousted before the episode concluded, but the rest of the house was still racing. Austin contemplates throwing the competition, not wanting to get any blood on his hands. Continue reading “Big Brother Recap: Judas Iscarediot”

Daisy Betts & Mike Vogel Venture Into “Childhood’s End”

Childhood's End - Season 1
As a huge fan of Daisy Betts‘ work in Persons Unknown, Last Resortand most recently Chicago Fire, it’s great news to see that she was recently cast in a recurring role on The Player as the titular character’s (played by Philip Winchester) ex-wife. 

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