New York Autumns To Remember – ‘Find Your Seen’ Podcast

Fall is right around the corner, and what is better than, as Billie Holiday once sang, an ‘Autumn in New York?’ Nothing beats when the leaves begin to change that beautiful red rust color, and the air is as crisp as a MacIntosh Apple.

It’s something I look forward to each year, as a lot of tourists are gone and the streets are a bit more settled. Fashion Week is pretty much in action or is just wrapping up and sending all of the fashionistas to London. New York is a place where lives happen, where dreams and aspirations are hitting the pavement and the coffee is flowing because tomorrow isn’t set in stone.

New York is a place where you can be original and truly who you want to be. There are so many people at one time — and nobody has the energy to care if you’re a little strange. There is a scene for everybody and “finding your seen” comes quicker than the L train on Sunday nights. Be sure to check out my latest podcast on and hear me gush even more about New York, fall and everything that the thriving metropolis has to offer.

Woody Allen’s ‘Manhattan’ Opening Monologue from Alicia Tatone on Vimeo.

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Deandra Miranda

Deandra is an LA native. At a young age she dreamed of hosting her own T.V. show. So, she packed her bags and moved to Downtown LA in 2009. That same year she met fellow Find Your Seen partner Greg Srisavasdi. She found herself modeling full-time in LA to pay for hosting classes. In 2010 she took a break from the "industry" and to travel the world. After a long modeling career in LA, it was time to move to New York City. Deandra recently hit her two year mark modeling full-time in NYC, and still internationally travels. She brings a conversational feel to her articles while being FYS' East Coast informant. You can follow her travels on instagram at @dee_miranda

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