Big Brother Recap: Common ‘Sense’?

Okay, readers! It’s another week peering inside at the human hamsters inside the Big Brother household. And when we last left the housemates, Shelli and Steve had been put up on the block with Becky‘s plan to backdoor Vanessa.

Steve seems freaked out by the fact that he’s on the block. After saying last week that Becky blew up his “low key” game, he’s now on the warpath to get her out next week. Oh Steve, while you may not like Becky, do you have so little clue as to what’s going on? Once again, you’re a pawn. There have been weeks we haven’t even seen you in the house. You’re on no one’s radar because you’ve proven yourself incapable of forming any relationships or winning any comps. This week is all about Becky picking off another ‘Sixth Sense’ member and unless someone makes themselves a bigger target, it’s going to either be Shelli and Vanessa that goes home.


Vanessa is paranoid, and with good reason. Right after the nominations, Becky calls for Shelli to join her in the HOH room, right in front of everyone else. Where was all the indignation that Shelli was supposed to spew to make it look like she was upset at going on the block? Add that into the fact that Becky and Shelli are already talking, and Vanessa has to see the handwriting on the wall (or at least a grey tint starting to cover her face on the picture wall).


Cut to Steve, talking to his oranges, seething about Becky like The Brain in Pinky and the Brain and devising a strategy to …. win a juggling competition? Land an orange juice commercial deal? Summon a train out of thin air? What, Steve, what?

Jackie, who has been donning a knight’s uniform for the past week, finally ends her punishment and promptly does a striptease, first giving James her helmet (so he can hide his), tossing her cape at a less than thrilled Johnny Mac, giving Steve her suit of armor, so he can have a friend in the house, and then shimmying out of her silvery body-fitting leotard, causing James to literally fall out of his seat. James, perhaps wanting a little more, later walks in on Jackie in the restroom. Doh!

Steve approaches Vanessa to talk game. A bereft Vanessa quizzically looks on wondering who Steve is. She asks Steve to choose her if there’s a Houseguest Choice in the upcoming Veto comp, revealing that Shelli will do the same. Steve kind of agrees, moping off to his oranges? Meanwhile, Shelli attempts to shore up her relationship with Johnny Mac. With both Vanessa and Shelli seeing what’s coming, the campaigning begins to line up votes.

Johnny Mac sits down with Steve and once again is the voice of reason. He lays out this week’s master plan from what he’s gathered from Shelli and Becky and assures him that he’s not the target. When Steve asks why he thinks that, straight shooter Johnny says the thing we’re all thinking — “Steve, you haven’t won anything.” In the Diary Room, he adds, “Steve has these ideas built up in his head that he’s this amazing super gamer that everyone wants out of the house. That’s just not the way it is. Like, no one’s coming after you dude.” But that doesn’t stop delusional Steve from confessing to the air, “My closest allies hate each other. I have no idea what to do.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the house, Liz and her “showmance” Austin lounge outdoors, entangling fingers and kissing hands while Liz reveals, “We’re the last showmance standing.” Not so fast … the low-key Becky and Johnny Mac might have something to say about that. The look on Liz’s twin sister Julia‘s face as Liz fawns over Austin is priceless. Liz reveals that although their relationship was initially strategic, she has started to like him and hopes she can get him to chop off his ponytail beard one day. Let’s just say that Julia is the twin with the most game and it’s easy to see her breaking free of this supposedly aligned trio very soon. With a double eviction coming up, now might be a good time to start ensuring outside allegiances.

It’s finally time for the Veto competition. Austin is chosen first, Shelli gets houseguest choice and picks Vanessa (much to Johnny Mac’s chagrin as he goes postal in the confessional) and Steve picks Meg, who we know from past competitions has no shot at winning anything. There’s a pep in Vanessa’s step, knowing she has a chance to potentially ruin any backdoor opportunity. Meanwhile, Shelli whines that she didn’t know what to do to Johnny Mac, who she was supposed to pick to play. If she didn’t pick Vanessa, then Vanessa would know what’s up.

This week’s Veto competition is the Big Brother Comics memorization competition. Each of the Big Brother contestants get their own comic books and the players must figure out the differences in the artwork while ziplining past a gallery. Clay is “Mister Perfection,” Shelli is “The Puma.” Hilariously, Julia (or is it Liz) is the “South Beach Savior” with the caption “Keeping Miami Safe From Her Evil Twin” against her sister, “The Bikini Bandit.”

There’s “Dr. Drill” for Johnny Mac, “The Mylantor” for the recently ousted Jason, “Steve the Engineer,” Jace‘s “The Bro,”, “Momma Day,” Vanessa’s “The Mad Hatter,” James’ “Captain Camo,” Audrey‘s truly frightening “The Blanket,” Jeff‘s “The Salesman,” Jackie’s “Super Showgirl,” “Austin the Barbarian,” Meg‘s “The Big Apple,” and Becky’s awesomely titled “Traniac” which states, “She’s a train to the face of evil.” Becky, who famously was hit by a train, loves her comic, stating that it’s like “Iron Man meets Hilary Swank.” Check out all of the Big Brother comics at this location.

Shelli boasts that she has amazing attention to detail, then proceeds to fail miserably. Steve feels not so great about his time. Vanessa seems to have major issues as well. Once again, we see that Steve is delusional as he ends up winning the whole thing at 13:57. Surprisingly, Meg was his biggest competition. As for Shelli, she put up the worst time at 25:31 and Vanessa had the second worst at 21:44. That’s not good for either.

Steve, fearing he’s in danger, will pull himself off the block and the ‘Sixth Sense’ alliance members Vanessa and Shelli will likely go into Thursday night’s elimination against each other. Sensing she’s in trouble, Vanessa questions James, Becky and then the other members of Becky’s alliance, all of whom almost cracked but held strong, leaving Vanessa feeling that the plan is still in place to get Shelli out and even making her feel safe enough that she does a little celebration dance in the Diary Room.

Sorry, Vanessa. Not so. At the end of the night, the poker player Vanessa finds out it was not in the cards and there are gamers in the house who have pretty good poker faces.


But there’s a twist coming. Thursday is the double eviction night and the houseguests have no idea. One of the ‘Sixth Sense’ members is going for sure, and the alliance that’s been running the house could be all but dead if two end up walking out the door by the time Thursday is through. Stay tuned to see how it all plays out.

Big Brother‘s double elimination night kicks off at 9PM ET/PT on CBS Thursday night (Aug. 13).

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