Big Brother Recap: Double What?


Big Brother, you got some ‘splainin’ to do! Double eviction nights are always interesting in the Big Brother household, but I’m not sure anyone saw what happened Thursday night coming.

When we last left off, Becky had control of the house and pretty much everyone united in a backdoor move on Vanessa, who was out-pokerfaced and left shocked when she was put up on the block against Shelli. But Vanessa is nothing if not resilient and a masterful manipulator as we’ve seen throughout this game. Vanessa goes into full damage control, first sussing out Steve‘s sketchiness, then giving James all he needed to sway his vote — the knowledge that Becky blabbed his eviction plans to Clay and Shelli a week prior.

So while Becky was convinced everything was in order, James, eating up everything Vanessa said, convinced Meg and Jackie to turn and vote out Shelli and the rest of the house followed suit in a unanimous decision. For someone who was gung ho about how dangerous Vanessa was in the house, to suddenly side with her against Becky even though Becky flip-flopped the week prior could be a bad move in the long run. And yes, Becky will soon be in the crosshairs, but as we’ve seen, someone else could make a more egregious strategic error that gets called out and puts a bigger target on their back. But in the end, Shelli goes out the door as the first member of the jury.

As it’s a double eviction night, things move fast and the houseguests were shown video loops of things that happened during the season. This ended up being a memory challenge, with the winner having to turn around and make nominations immediately. James, Liz, Meg and Jackie get ousted on the second question, which is bad news for three aligned members. Julia and Vanessa fall out on the fourth question, leaving Austin, Steve and Johnny Mac left. Eventually, on a question about Jason’s collar in one clip, Steve ends up the champ.

So who is Steve going after — Becky, his sworn nemesis that he’s been machinating about for weeks? No! Liz, Julia or Austin — a power move that would further shake up the Sixth Sense alliance? No! He puts up Meg and Jackie, which came as a shock to everyone. In a rather surprising state of gameplay, absolutely no one approaches Steve to sway his vote before he makes his announcement. In fact, all they can talk about is the game they just played, while Steve watches on silently with nothing to say.


Meg looks on with a smile, but appearing on the edge of tears. Jackie appears nonplussed. But there’s no time for tears as the live veto competition takes place. John, James and Vanessa are chosen by random draw to play in the competition as well and it’s time to get crackin’. It’s a game of balance in which the players must move a ball down a curvy slide in which they must sink three balls into three separate holes. Johnny Mac and James are the first to get their second balls into place. In the end, Johnny Mac has the steadier hand and takes the Veto. He and Steve have a brief closed door chat.

“Hi guys, surprise!,” says Meg, echoing the sentiments of most viewers as she makes her final plea. “I don’t know who the replacement nomination would be,” reveals Johnny Mac, who keeps the nominations the same. While it could have been Steve’s plan to backdoor Becky, Johnny Mac keeps the nominations the same, essentially wasting Steve’s opportunity to get out a power player. After Johnny Mac keeps the nominations the same, Steve babbles about trying to keep both block members safe and then seemingly upset, saunters off while stating he can’t think coherently. Looks like Steve had something else in mind that didn’t go according to plan. Meanwhile, Johnny looks pained and Becky appears on the verge of tears, knowing Johnny likely saved her. By a vote of 6-1, Jackie is evicted and the Amazing Race couple on the show are now done. As was revealed in her exit interview, Steve thought Jackie was going to backdoor him, but a miscommunication took place. She intended to backdoor Austin, but by the time it was straightened out, she was already in the crosshairs.


So, with Shelli and Jackie gone, where does that leave the house. Check out our power rankings below.

Big Brother Week 8 Power Rankings

9. James – If he or Meg don’t win the next competition, they’re in trouble. They turned on Becky and didn’t get Vanessa out, and are closely aligned with Johnny Mac or Steve, though they should be. James is the bigger competitor and will be the target, especially if a Sixth Sense member wins.

8. Meg – Very likable, but also a very easy target because of her allegiance to James and the already ousted Jason, Jeff and Jackie. She may stick around because she’s socially fun and no threat at competitions, but at one point the bigger alliance ousts everyone else.

7. Liz – If someone decides to break up the power trio, Liz would be the best person to pick off. Julia has already shown her animosity toward Austin and he’s not exactly tight with her either. Liz is their common bond. And given that Vanessa is the fourth wheel in a four person alliance, how long before she starts making side deals?

6. Vanessa – Everyone is aware of how smart a player she is. Right now she is aligned with the Sixth Sense, but can she sway the other side of the house at all without everyone catching on.

5. Becky – Her alliance turned on her this week and she was responsible for the Sixth Sense losing another member. She could be in danger, until someone makes themselves a bigger target.

4. Austin – Who will Liz side with — Austin or Julia? My money’s on the sisterly bond. And his shadiness has already put him in trouble with several other people in the house.

3. Steve – Makes no friends, has maybe some loose allegiances to Johnny and Vanessa and except for recently has not shown he’s a threat for anything. He could coast along without ever really making a move.

2. Julia – The more strategic of the twins and the more likely to break free of the power trio and form outside bonds. But right now, she needs Sixth Sense back in power to get this far.

1. Johnny Mac – A supporter, but never a true member of the Sixth Sense. He’s close with Becky. He’s in good with James and Meg. Everyone likes him and he’s good at competitions when he needs to be. He’s playing a low key game and could take it all.

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