Big Brother Recap: Train in Vain



It’s eviction night in the Big Brother house and allies and close friends Johnny Mac and Becky are on the block after Liz decided against a backdoor possibility with Vanessa.

The episode begins in the aftermath of Liz‘s Veto decision. A dejected Johnny Mac walks by as Vanessa compliments him and Becky on their speeches and Johnny can’t even look her in the face. Vanessa is ecstatic in the diary room and admits that she’d like to see Johnny gone, but Becky is the bigger target.

As far as strategy goes, Johnny and Steve have a talk and solidify their bond, then discuss the idea of which side of the house they want to align with. Unbeknownst to Johnny Mac, Steve is already aligned with the Scamper Squad. But Johnny makes a valid point that with Austin and the twins, they would be seen as underdogs, while with James and Meg they would be viewed as a threat.

Johnny and Steve approach the twins and before they can say a word, the twins reveal they want to work with Johnny. The five some then discuss strategy and reveal that no one wants to be the one to put up Vanessa, but Johnny shows some bloodlust in immediately volunteering to do it when the time comes.

As for Becky, she too has her moment with Liz and Julia, and her strategy is the same as Johnny Mac’s — reveal that her target is Vanessa. So a decision has to be made of whether Johnny or Becky benefits the twins more in the long run.

But before there’s a vote, there’s more house hijinks courtesy of James. He continually hits on Meg, with a little flirtation assistance from the twins, announces their engagement, and later pulls the ultimate prank on Steve by Seran Wrapping all of his clothing and personal items to the Dentist Chair that he must sleep in.

After a break, Julie Chen is back to preside over the eviction vote, but not without a choreographed finger snap and point by the entire group organized by Austin.

But first, there’s a few featurettes to get out of the way. We get a home visit with Steve’s family and friends and see that he even got his own day in him hometown as a result of his appearance on Big Brother. And there’s also a trip to the jury house where Shelli is waiting alone when Jackie arrives and reveals that Steve was the one who evicted her.  And we find out that Vanessa was really pulling the strings on Jackie’s eviction with Shelli showing equal outrage. It’s pretty safe to say if someone comes back into the game, Vanessa is the target.

Now it’s finally time for the live eviction and Johnny Mac, in his usually doofy candor, speaks highly of Becky listing all her pros, then says it would be dumb to keep him, but adds “I really want your vote” as everyone laughs and Becky fawns over him. No surprise, Steve votes to evict Becky. Vanessa votes to evict Becky and it looks like the writing is on the wall. Meg follows suit, so it appears to be unanimous. Austin, Julia and James all vote Becky as well and she’s on her way out, but as can be heard, she was greeted warmly. The biggest shocker of the post-exit interview is that Becky might actually try to work with Vanessa if she returns and feels that she never really saw the Liz nomination coming and might try to get her out.

Now that Becky has said her farewell, a new Head of Household competition starts and it’s a simple track meet … with a hitch. Runners must race when the word “Go” pops up, but you never know when “Go” will pop up or if a word similar to “Go” might cause you to false start and get eliminated.  Meg is the first to be eliminated. And the show fades out with the second heat about to begin. Any bets? To see who won, click here. Tune in Sunday at 8PM ET on CBS for the next episode of Big Brother, and check out our weekly rankings below.

8. James – He’s on the short side of the house and will most certainly go up on the block if he doesn’t win this week’s HoH competition.

7. Meg – She was already eliminated by the time the episode ended and like James, she’s the only one not aligned with the power side of the house. She’ll go on the block against James.

6. Vanessa – Thinks she’s part of a big alliance and senses something is up. Rightly so, as everyone is onto her and this may be the week for her to go up as the backdoor. If she doesn’t win, the rest of the alliance can feel safe knowing they have the numbers.

5. Johnny Mac – Smart and beloved, but still the “wild card” in the alliance as it’s last added member. Laying low would do him good this week.

4. Steve – The twins love him, Vanessa views him as an ally, he’s close with James, he’s aligned with Johnny and Austin has no reason to view him as a threat. He only ranks here because the twins and Austin are a power trio.

3. Austin – Sisters stick together. Sorry Judas. It’s gonna be a sad day for you when a decision has to be made.

2. Liz – Viewed as more of a threat at this point and if anyone targets the top three, they’d be best off to oust the connector.

1. Julia – As the third wheel in a showmance, she could break free and form alliances elsewhere when the numbers whittle down.

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