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When we last left the Head of Household competition on Big Brother, the contestants were taking part in a racing battle. Meg was ousted before the episode concluded, but the rest of the house was still racing. Austin contemplates throwing the competition, not wanting to get any blood on his hands.

In the second round, Julia defaults at the start and ends up being the next to be eliminated. Then Vanessa false starts, which means that Austin and Steve are left from the Scamper Squad. Though Johnny is also aligned with them, he could be a wild card if he wins. Johnny Mac narrowly loses out to Steve, James and Austin. He hilariously says that he should have beat Steve, who should be in Matheletes right now.

Steve defaults next, so it’s down to James and Austin in the finals. If James wins, it could make for an interesting week as he’s on the minority side of the house. It’s a tight match, but the much taller Austin wins by a hand. Johnny knows he’s part of the alliance, but feels a little unsure knowing that while getting Vanessa out is in his best interest, it may not be in the best interest of the rest of the group. In the diary room, Austin brings up his Judas character, which so far has been more bark than bite. Is this the week he follows through on betraying an alliance? We’ll wait and see but by the end of the episode we may have this face:

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Steve congratulates Austin on the win, then reveals he’s in two alliances with Austin, which may come as a surprise to some viewers. Then Austin reveals that he and the twins have aligned themselves with everyone in the house. There’s Austin’s Angels (with Vanessa and the twins), the Scamper Squad (with Vanessa, the twins and Steve), an alliance with the aforementioned competitors and Johnny Mac, and The  Brass Tax that includes Austin, the twins, Meg and James.

Austin reveals that initially he’s intending to honor the Brass Tax with Meg and James because they really like hanging out with them. So that leaves Steve, Vanessa and Johnny Mac. So who is the target?

Steve tells Johnny Mac he feels they’re safe and they both feel that James is the bigger target this week, but little do they know what’s coming. Vanessa approaches Austin with her “big plans” that will get as little blood as possible, but as Austin states in the diary room, “Vanessa, you have big plans every week, but you are not running my HoH.”

Austin reasons that keeping Meg and James would be keeping another couple and a possible target in the game. Plus, he feels it would be a big betrayal and he likes them. He suggests Johnny Mac and Steve and they start to talk about Vanessa when she enters the room. She starts spouting off about how Johnny Mac has to go and that they should convince him that he’s on the block as a pawn and get him to throw the competition, then don’t save him. To add salt in the wound, she says that Shelli and Clay told her that Steve and Johnny Mac have a Final Two deal. Austin feigns surprise, but adds in the Diary Room that this info means nothing to him. He adds that the fact that Vanessa didn’t say anything sooner is proof that she is either lying or not telling him everything she’s doing in the house.

As the Brass Tax fivesome talk, they realize Johnny Mac is the easiest to target this week, but the most drama comes from Vanessa and how much she has the ability to continually have a role in each person’s exit. Yes, she’s a number for Austin, but at this point, it might be in everyone’s best interest for her to go. Everyone agrees that if Vanessa goes, it will be the biggest meltdown this season.

Austin breaks it to the Scamper Squad that a deal has been made to keep Meg and James safe and he wants to honor the deal. That means that Johnny Mack is the target, which is only half true, and by deduction, Vanessa realizes that either herself or Steve needs to be the pawn. She starts spinning, stating that it should be Steve because he’s close with Johnny Mac and therefore would be a vote for him. Steve reveals that he doesn’t feel good about being a pawn and has a meltdown in the diary room about why Vanessa keeps putting him in this position.

Steve looks like he’s about to cry and Austin senses something’s wrong. He offers to speak to Austin alone. As soon as they clear the room, Steve is okay and Austin admits, “She’s good. She’s good man.” Austin has seen enough, and reveals that there’s no way he’s going to let Steve go up. Steve reminds Austin that she tried to backdoor him. Austin reveals the Vanessa lie about the Final Two deal and Steve confirms that they don’t have a deal (true or false, who knows? But he plays it well).

Vanessa returns to the room and the spin continues, but the more she spins, the more she’s putting a target on her back as Austin knows what really went down. Vanessa asks for some time alone with Austin which he denies her and then once she’s gone, all four remaining members lose their s–t over how much she’s just lied.

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Before the decision is made, Steve comes up and more or less tells Austin he doesn’t want to be the pawn and especially doesn’t want to go on the block against Johnny Mac. He also questions why James and Meg are untouchable and adds that it makes him feel like Austin trusts them more than he does Steve. His whininess about the situation has now shifted the target back off of Vanessa and back onto Steve. And Liz confides in Vanessa about Steve, giving her room the wriggle off the hook yet again. When she hears about Steve’s meltdown, she suggests sending him home instead of Johnny Mac cause Johnny will at least be loyal and that Steve is not playing a good “team” game by putting Austin in this situation.

Vanessa finally gets her time. She finally comes clean after Austin tells her he knows what she did. She apologizes and for a moment it seems like a truce has been reached. But then he asks if she’ll kill him if he puts her up and she offers, “You gotta do what you gotta do.” Oh Judas, the time has come for you to man up.

If anything, you’ve alerted Steve and Vanessa and by proxy Johnny that you’re choosing Meg and James above all of them. Whoever stays might actually have to start working together and the smart move might be to send Steve packing as Vanessa and Johnny have shown they have it out for each other, while Steve is loyal to both.

Johnny Mac and Steve end up being the nominees. Austin offers a philosophical rant about being conflicted. He discusses the week he almost went home and then goes on some spiel about how Steve and Johnny Mac were not part of his near eviction. So why are they on the block? Cause they’re victims just like him. Huh? What? James reveals that he thinks Austin has finally lost his mind. We have to agree. Please, let this be a pawn situation. Steve reveals he has no idea how Vanessa pulled it off, but he’s in awe of her game for being able to ensure that he’s on the block. Steve, you did it to yourself. You just gave her the ammo she needed. Austin reveals that this decision was a matter of timing and numbers. But Austin, no matter who you want out, you have the numbers. You’ve got the alliances. Stop being so wishy-washy.

Another episode of Big Brother is in the books. Be sure to tune in Wednesday at 9PM ET/PT on CBS for the next episode and look for the return of Zingbot!

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