Jennie Garth Makes It Local With DIY Projects


Along with her storied run as Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills 90210, Jennie Garth is a big DIYer as evidenced from her HGTV series The Jennie Garth Project. Part of YP’s allure is their #MakeEveryDayLocal campaign, which has as people from all around the country to share their local experiences and passions. Now, Garth has joined that list.

Jennie Garth - Make Every Day Local/YP

“I’ve been doing home renovations ever since I could walk,” says Garth in the vid. “There’s so much creativity out there.”

Two of the business that Garth talks about is Potted in Los Feliz, which she describes as a “fountain oasis kind of place,” and North Hollywood Hardware which has employees who “love where they work.”

Another Los Angeles spot that Jennie Garth talks about in her #MakeEveryDayLocal post is her love for Bamboo:

I’ve been going to the same Chinese restaurant in the valley since I was 17 years old. And I met the owner, Joseph, in the grocery store in the produce department and we are friends now. I call them and I don’t even have to order. They know what my family likes and they send it over. It’s because he’s a friend of mine now and I love that. The crazy thing is, this town is really fickle on restaurants, but his business has thrived from the minute he opened it.

For more info on the YP campaign and to share your own story, please go to

Jennie Garth - Make Every Day Local

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