Big Brother: Mac Under Attack


Welcome back Big Brother fans. When we last left the houseguests on Sunday, everyone was enduring one of the most head-scratching Head of Household weeks yet. Austin won the HoH competition, but started to let Judas get the better of him. Perhaps he really does have a split personality, but neither one can make a decision. In the end, he put Steve and Johnny Mac on the block after Vanessa once again wormed her way out almost a certain nomination. But to be fair, Steve made himself a bigger target, thus he sits in limbo and might have even made himself THE target.

Steve is assured in front of the Scamper Squad that if noms stay the same, he is not the target. After Vanessa exits, Steve learns that Johnny Mac is the target just by being the last person to have made an alliance. But Austin reveals that if Steve comes off the block, Vanessa will go up and it will be difficult.

And in our everlasting adventures of Captain Camouflage, we get another one of James‘ pranks. This time, he hides out in the clothing closet of Julia and once again, scares the living daylights out of her while proclaiming victory.

It’s now time for the Veto ceremony, with Vanessa, Meg and Julia chosen to join Steve, Austin and Johnny Mac in the competition. But, of course, there’s more dealings to be done first. Steve starts by trying to buddy up to Vanessa after going toe to toe with her about who should go up on the block. Liz and Austin start to out-paranoia themselves as they fear playing all sides of the house will come back on them. They begin to gameplay scenarios where each of the houseguests flip and start coming after them, and then they start believing it.

After a brief break, it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for all season — the return of Zingbot! It’s starts with James, who learns that Meg is going to take him some place very special after the season ends — “The Friend Zone” …. Zing!!!! Jokes about the twins, Steve as a lonely trombonist, an Austin body odor joke and more follow, but one joke hits close to home. Liz gets zinged about Austin’s girlfriend back home … whoops. A little cold shoulder follows, with Austin giving the “I’m screwed” look.


As for the Veto comp, it’s the competition where they match three of the houseguest faces together and the competitors try to get the best time. Julia does 4:45. Steve fails to better it. Austin also fails miserably as well. Vanessa’s next and she gets off to a great start. She locks in at 2:51. Johnny Mac fails miserably, taking forever to get the first one right. Finishing things out is Meg, who rolls through the first two but gets tripped up on the third one when she can’t peg her own nose. Vanessa wins the Veto.

This means Vanessa now has power and Austin must work with her, but who is the target? Johnny feels defeated, but Vanessa approaches him. She asks if he’s over the evictions of Clay and Becky that Vanessa had a hand in, and he tells her he’s over it and he’s alone and he’s fairly sure he’s going home this week. Vanessa offers him a lifeline, stating that she feels that their continued fighting is only allowing others to get stronger. He offers to work together and Vanessa says she wants to. We wondered at what point Vanessa would get wise to her fourth wheel status and might flip the house. This could be it. She tells him that she needs to go to Austin and see where his head is at. If she can convince him it’s in his best interest to keep Johnny and not force his hand by using the veto, she’ll do it.

She starts to spin her web, but Austin is initially resistant to the idea of either Meg or James going up. Vanessa tells Johnny she tried, but that Austin wasn’t going for it and pushing it any further would hurt her game. She adds that it feels like s–t to be at the bottom of the totem poll, but Johnny astutely responds, “You’re at the bottom whether I go or not.” Then Johnny reveals the five person alliance formed last week to get Vanessa out. Vanessa confronts Julia about it. She acts a little shifty about it, then reveals that it did happen, but tells Vanessa that it was Steve’s idea and when pressed about why he did it, she adds that it was because Steve and Johnny Mac are the closest.

Steve walks in on them, compliments Vanessa on her hair and asks her how she’s doing and she’s gives him the sarcastic answer he deserves. He asks if he should leave her alone and she tells him it would be a good idea. Ouch…. Watch out Steve. She finally confronts Steve a little later, clearly pissed. She asks about the five person alliance and he reveals that there was discussion of one. When she asked who organized it, he said it wasn’t him and she tells him he’s lying and he no longer has her vote.

The veto ceremony takes place. Steve says he respects Vanessa and will let her make the most strategic move. Johnny Mac offers yet another hilarious speech, stating that at this point, asking Vanessa to use the Veto on him would be like a gazelle asking a tiger, ‘Hey let’s hang out and not eat each other.’ It’s not gonna go well. So he tells her not to use the veto.


Vanessa then calls out Steve’s gameplay for the whole house before deciding to not use the veto. So let’s just say that the way the week has gone so far with paranoia running rampant, Austin being unable to make any decision for more than five minutes and two solid gamers left on the block, a lot could change before Thursday night. Be sure to tune in for more Big Brother at 9PM ET/PT on CBS.

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