Andrew Garfield: “I Betray Myself Every Day To Survive”

Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man, Never Let Me Go) stars in 99 Homes as Dennis Nash, a single dad who is evicted out of his Florida home by a opportunistic real estate magnate (Michael Shannon). During yesterday’s interviews to discuss 99 Homes, Garfield gave an insightful answer to one of the film’s themes.

99 Homes - Andrew Garfield, Michael Shannon
99 Homes – (l to r) Andrew Garfield stars as ‘Dennis Nash’ and Michael Shannon as ‘Rick Carver’ in Broad Green Pictures release, 99 HOMES.
Credit: Broad Green Pictures

During the press conference, reporter Ben Kenber asked the cast about the film’s theme of survival and how it relates to their own lives. “I betray myself every day to survive,” said Garfield. “I betray myself in small ways, big ways, in order to fit in.”

Part of Find Your Seen’s mission statement is, that while covering pop culture and lifestyle, we also want to discuss how people are able to find their way in the world. Whether it’s through the arts, their jobs, family, or even the places they love to be “seen” or travel to, each person’s respective journey has its own signature.

For Garfield, a significant part of his being lies in his love for acting (he collaborated with director Mike Nichols and Philip Seymour Hoffman in a 2012 production of Death of a Salesman) and storytelling:

“I love instability to be honest . . . I don’t feel a great foundation in our culture as of now. I think there are great things happening and there are soulful things happening, but usually on the outskirts and it takes a great deal of treasure hunting to find those things and find something that’s deep and meaningful . . . thank God for storytelling  and thank God for this medium of storytelling because without this I would be lost. I know I would be.

The question posed to the cast of 99 Homes To hear Garfield’s full answer to Kenber’s question, check out the sound clip below:

99 Homes opens nationwide September 25

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