Making the Cut: A Model’s Journey

Picture this — beautiful international 6 foot models swarming backstage, ready to strut their long legs in front of millions of cameras, capturing the vision of a beloved designer.  “Lights… Camera, Action, its New York Fashion Week 2015!” The fashion director cues the music as the first model is waiting behind a partition — palms sweaty, heart racing with adrenaline.

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Film Review: Sensational “Grandma” Will Touch Your Heart

Left to right: Lily Tomlin as Elle and Julia Garner as Sage Photo by Glen Wilson, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics
Written and directed by Paul Weitz (Admission, Being Flynn), Grandma is a sensational coming of age story for both the young and older generations that will touch your heart. . The film stars Lily Tomlin (Grandma Elle Reid), Julia Garner (Sage), and Marcia Gay Harden (Judy).

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VIDEO: Julie Klausner On Creative Joy of Podcasting

Watch What Happens Live - Season 12
The good news for Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner is that their Hulu series Difficult People was renewed for a second season. The close friends play a heightened version themselves in the series, and their “difficult” attitudes often land them in very awkward (and comedic) situations.

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