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The moniker “Find Your Seen” makes no sense upon first glance, and grammatically we all know that “find you’re seen” is the correct phrase. However, we at FYS don’t always traverse the linear path, and hopefully in our coverage you’ll see that sometimes the journey home isn’t always a straight and narrow path.

The idea behind Find Your Seen is to feature stories from writers who discuss their personal passions and where, on a given moment, they want to be “seen.” Since our staff is based in Los Angeles and New York, we’re starting on a very microscopic level and posting stories on what’s going on around in our respective cities. As this site progresses, we will cover stories that have a worldwide, but most importantly, a personal reach.

The initial idea behind FYS is to engage readers by writing what we’re truly passionate about, and hopefully some of these stories and news items will provide a valued form of engagement.

So even if “Find Your Seen” doesn’t make sense upon your initial view, please come back and read a few of our stories and news items. Feel free to comment and contact us if you have interesting accounts of your own or have events you’d love us to cover or discuss. The biggest part of FYS is not just to inform but also reach out and cultivate new relationships down the road.

I hope wherever you are in the world, you’ve found some kind of passion, career, dream or destination that truly defines you. We’d love for you to follow our respective journeys as well, and maybe sooner than later, our paths will cross.

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Greg Srisavasdi

Editor/Owner of Find Your Seen and Deepest Dream, I'm also a BFCA member and editor of Hollywood Outbreak. I also do a weekly movie review podcast called CinemAddicts. BFCA member, Clippers and UCLA Bruins lifer!!

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