CinemAddicts 5: ‘Hail, Caesar!’ & ‘Misconduct’


I’ve done five episodes of CinemAddicts with my podcast partner Anderson Cowan, and thus far it’s one of the best collaborations I’ve had to date. Close friends since 1996 (during my radio days), we’ve shared an inextricable bond over movies. Though our tastes are as different as night and day, we both understand and respect each other’s viewpoint. Case in point – our review of the Josh Duhamel/Al Pacino/Anthony Hopkins thriller Misconduct.

Josh Duhamel & Malin Akerman in "Misconduct" (Lionsgate Premiere)
Josh Duhamel & Malin Akerman in “Misconduct” (Lionsgate Premiere)

A lifelong fan of Brian De Palma’s (Carrie, Carlilto’s Way, The Untouchable) work, I appreciated director Shintaro Shimosawa’s visually arresting approach to the thriller genre. I gave the film, which also features solid work from Malin Akerman and Alice Eve, four out of five stars. Anderson, however, had a different perspective on the feature. To listen to our discussion of Misconduct, check out the 29:35 mark of the Soundcloud bar below (we also review Hail, Caesar! and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies on the show):

Last but not least, we’ll be doing CinemAddicts giveaways in the coming weeks. All that’s required to enter the giveaway is to rate and subscribe to CinemAddicts on iTunes (click here for the link or simply click on the picture below). The winner of our giveaway, randomly chosen via Anderson Cowan’s number generator, will be announced on each episode.


For next week’s episode, which will have us reviewing Deadpool, I’m throwing in a new, Star Wars BB8 shirt as part of the Giveaway:

CinemAddicts giveaway! Subscribe and rate CinemAddicts on iTunes to enter!!
CinemAddicts giveaway! Subscribe and rate CinemAddicts on iTunes to enter!!

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