Bianca Santos Talks Acting Journey With ‘Priceless’ Role

Opening nationwide Friday, Priceless centers on James Stevens (For King & Country’s Joel Smallbone), a hardened widower who takes a no-questions asked job to drive a box truck cross country. When James discovers that two understandably frightened sisters (Bianca Santos, Amber Midthunder) are his passengers, he risks his life by tangling with the criminal (Jim Parrack) who’s bent on having these women work for him. 

With her role as the kindhearted and strong-willed Antonia, Santos (The Fosters, Ouija) has her share of intense scenes with Parrack, who basically stayed in character throughout the production. Santos took a different approach to her work in Priceless.

“She switched into character pretty easily,” said director Ben Smallbone, who knew Santos was perfect for the role right from the jump. “It was a little problematic on days because she would have this crazy burst of energy prior to going into these really serious moments. She would be dancing in the hallways and cracking jokes with people and smiling. I’d be going, ‘Bianca, we’re about to shoot the most pivotal scene in the film, maybe we need to tone it down a little bit!’ But it was pretty amazing to watch her switch from very fun, (happy go lucky) Bianca to this very serious role.”

During the press conference, I asked Santos if slipping in and out of her role was an easy process. Click on the media bar below to hear the actress talk about her role in Priceless:

Along with acting, Santos is also exploring her skills as a singer and producer. “I have a song on the soundtrack which is really awesome for me to kind of dabble in Joel’s world,” added Santos. “I’m so excited about it. Along with that, this year I’ve really dabbled into just kind of doing my own projects. I’ve produced about three projects this year – so just expanding (my) horizons (and) continuing to do things that matter. Because that’s all I want to do.”

Check out the trailer below to Priceless, which features a portion of the duet with Smallblood and Santos.

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