‘The Yoga Expo’ Heads To Los Angeles In December

The Los Angeles Convention Center will be a center for fitness and mindfulness, as The Yoga Expo is making its La La Land debut Saturday, December 17th. Attendees will receive unlimited yoga and meditation and experience sustainable food samples and live music.

Created in January 16, The Yoga Expo’s mission is to “educate and empower participants to enact social change through their daily choices. “I started the Yoga Expo because I wanted to create a community where students and teachers have the opportunity to connect,” said founder Kyle Michaud. “Students take classes with local and international teachers, explore our yoga-themed marketplace and enjoy a day of mindfulness.”

Tickets are $35 and for more info go to www.theyogaexpo.org. Below are some of the day’s events:

  • Live Music Vinyasa Flow Experience with Drishti Beats
  • Yogance™: Movement Therapy with Founder and Former US Olympian, Tamara Levinson-Campos
  • Sound OffYoga with wireless headphone technology led by Sara Szunyogh
  • Explore Relationship with Partner Yoga with Michael Lee, Founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
  • Yoga For Kids – With children’s yoga expert, Teresa Ann Power & others
  • Kundalini Yoga with Live Music by New Age artist Suhka
  • Plant-Based Nutrition with former Ms. Natural Olympia bodybuilding champion, Suzanna McGee
  • Agni Power Yoga with Ashley Cummings from her West Hollywood, CA studio
  • 92 year-old Yoga Legend, Dr. Madan Bali
  • Daoist Yoga with Gideon Enz
  • Yoga Nidra with Liz Carey, Founder of Awakened Life School of Yoga
  • Sacred Sound Healing Tuned to 432Hz Frequency by Lynda Arnold & Torkom Ji
  • Qigong For Yogis with Chris Shelton
  • Zen Ki Yoga with Janie Larmour, Japanese Yoga and Healing from Sydney, Australia
  • Kemetic Yoga with Aja Whiten
  • A YOGAAthletica Handstand Flow Class with Shana Meyerson.
  • Bollywood Yoga Dance with Shikta Thapa

Here’s a vid from Larmour as she demonstrates Zen Ki Yoga:

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