Jessica Lowndes Talks ‘Underneath the Mask’ & Singing Journey

In the supernatural horror/film noir Abattoir, Jessica Lowndes is Julia Talben, a reporter who believes the murder of her sister, brother-in-law, and nephew might be traced to something bigger than the killer’s motives. It’s a multilayered narrated directed with flair from Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw IV, The Barrens), and Lowndes is convincing playing an “analog girl trapped in a digital world.”


Though there is violence to be had in Abattoir, the film is not a cheap thrill gore-fest. Rather, Bousman creates an nightmarish and seductively atmospheric world where the past and the present often collide in the same residence. Having Dayton Callie, who plays the story’s mysterious antagonist Jebediah Crone, and Insidious vet Lin Shaye (she’s an eccentric lady who gives Julia insight on Crone’s ambitions) in the project also gives this thriller an extra level of gravitas (and more importantly, entertainment value).

Shot in New Orleans, this indie film made great use of its locales.
“The abattoir itself was this house that was hit by Hurricane Katrina (and) that no one had touched in 10 years,” said Lowndes, whose previous credits include Eden, A December Bride, and TV’s 90210. “There was dry wall cracking and wallpaper peeling off and no ceiling – it put you in that eerie head space right when you walked in the door.”

***Abattoir opens in Theaters, Digital HD, and VOD December 9th. 

Along with acting, Lowndes is also a passionate singer and musician (she started playing piano at the age of five). In November, she released the video for “Underneath The Mask,” an empowering and refreshingly revealing song that also served as a take off your makeup challenge. I asked Lowndes about her passion for music and the idea behind “Underneath The Mask”:

“I’ve done the entire music thing myself. Independently, I’ve put my own money into it. I haven’t signed a deal – not because I don’t want to. It’s just that I do it in between projects. 

For me, more now than ever, I feel like there’s not enough of people celebrating their natural beauty and what makes us unique as women. I wanted to do something that meant something. And I created this challenge similar to the ALS Ice Bucket challenge you post a make-up free selfie or a make-up free video and then you nominate other women in your life to do the same.

You have 24 hours to do the challenge and they will nominate other women that they know. It’s celebrating who we are and who you are. It’s all about self-awareness and the response has been so incredible and amazing. For me, I don’t even care about the views on YouTube, I just love seeing the response and knowing that every time someone posts a picture, it’s a vote of confidence for themselves. To me, it’s such a huge and positive step and the response from people have been incredible. And even friends of mine, I was blown away that they wanted to take part in (#UnderneathTheMask) which was awesome.”

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