‘Superstore’ Actor Nico Santos Talks Filipino Community And Balut Broth!!

Along with his work on Superstore, Nico Santos is also a stand-up comic who has dates at the Irvine Improv (April 23rd) and The Bridgetown Comedy Festival (4-7). Being a fellow Filipino, I couldn’t help but ask about Balut, a delicacy I’ll never try. Check out the video below to hear his take on Balut and, more importantly, the support he’s received from the Filipino community.

Nico Santos - Superstore
SUPERSTORE — “Spring Cleaning” — Pictured: Nico Santos as Mateo — (Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/NBC)

Mateo was originally written as a tough Latin guy, but Santos’ interpretation of the role was too good to pass up. Filipino based characters in television are few and far between, so Santos’ work in Superstore has received its share of support and encouragement:

“I’ve heard nothing but positive things from the Filipino community. Starting from the beginning of the first season, everybody was sort of happy to see that kind of representation on television. But especially (during) the second season when the Olympics episode came out and I actually spoke Filipino on screen. I thought, ‘what a cool moment I’ll get to speak my native tongue.’ The amount of response I got from the community was really mind-blowing. So many heartfelt messages of (people saying) ‘I’ve never seen my language spoken before on American network television. Filipinos being the second largest Asian community in the United States – we are one of the most under represented communities out there. I’m really honored and happy to be playing a Filipino but also being an out, queer Filipino who (plays an undocumented worker in Superstore) – I think our show is blowing a lot of doors open.”Nico Santos

***Lauren Ash is also featured in the vid below (they also mention show creator Justin Spitzer in the clip):

If you’re not familiar with Balut, check out the Buzzfeed vid below (warning: it’s disgusting!):

Superstore airs Thursday evenings on NBC (8 pm et/pt).

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