WalletHub Cites Los Angeles As Sixth Best City For Gamers


Although La La Land is the place for movies and Hollywood’s shiniest stars, it’s not the #1 city for gamers according to a study released by the personal finance WalletHub. That crown belongs Orlando, Florida. Details on how the 100 largest cities stacked up in the video game universe is below!

To determine their rankings, WalletHub’s researchers collected data on the average internet speed, video game stores per capita, and the number of esports tournaments.

Los Angeles didn’t exactly top the list in internet cost (36th), or video game stories per capita (52nd), but it did rank #1 for “Gamer and Developer” opportunities and #11 for “Gaming Environment.” Rounding out the top five after Orlando are: 2.  Seattle, WA.  3. Austin, Tx. 4. New York, NY and 5. Atlanta, GA.

This week developers, media members, developers and gaming enthusiasts have descended to E3 (Electronic Expo 2017), and most of the event’s participants understand that the gaming industry’s earnings dwarfs the movie industry. In the U.S. gaming revenues are expected to exceed $25 billion and in 2016 gaming earnings beat movie ticket sales to the tune of $62.5 billion!!

As a lifelong cinephile, I definitely got into the wrong business (hence the reason why I still live at home and am a manny to my niece). For WalletHub’s post on 2017’s Best Cities for Gamers, go here.




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