Dream Factory: A Movie A Day Keeps Reality Away

Me And Earl and the Dying Girl
Every month Allyson Gronowitz pens Flipping The Script, a monthly column which has her spotlighting films she feels are underrated (her latest entry takes a look at The Golden Compass). I’ve tried to do a cinema column myself, and considering my last Dream Factory post was in July, I’ve been failing miserably (or is it miserably failing). Henceforth (is that the correct usage?) I’m turning my DF column into a weekly thing powered by my “A Movie A Day” idea. Details (and I hope you help me on this journey) are below!!

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Flipping the Script on ‘The Golden Compass’

The Golden Compass

Welcome to “Flipping the Script,” a monthly column where I reconsider recent films that have been panned, frowned upon, or simply under appreciated. I believe that movies should speak to us on a deep, personal level, and this column will consist of films that have done that for me despite widespread derision or apathy. Join me on my noble quest for cinematic redemption!

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