Dream Factory: A Movie A Day Keeps Reality Away

Every month Allyson Gronowitz pens Flipping The Script, a monthly column which has her spotlighting films she feels are underrated (her latest entry takes a look at The Golden Compass). I’ve tried to do a cinema column myself, and considering my last Dream Factory post was in July, I’ve been failing miserably (or is it miserably failing). Henceforth (is that the correct usage?) I’m turning my DF column into a weekly thing powered by my “A Movie A Day” idea. Details (and I hope you help me on this journey) are below!!

Brian De Palma
My Brian De Palma Blu-ray/DVD collection. Framed Blow-Out poster is behind the discs.

My goal for “A Movie A Day” is to, simply put, watch a movie each day for the rest of my life. The exception to the rule, of course, is whenever tragedy enters the picture I’ll definitely skip that day. During my father’s passing a couple of years ago, I talked to my CinemAddicts partner and good friend Anderson Cowan about our podcast and, if memory serves, we discussed rescheduling the podcast. On the day of my father’s death, the only call I placed was to Anderson to discuss movies (in a peripheral sense) and during that week all I could remember was how A Country Called Home was the perfect film for me to watch at the time.

The bottom line is even in the darkest of days, movies continued to be an important part of my existence. Film is my life blood, and although I know there’s a ton of great television out there, sports events to watch, and places to visit, movies have always been my number one life option. Of course family comes first, but when it comes to my own love life and friendships, both aspects have suffered due to my movie addiction.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
This is my “go-to” film for Cinema lovers. Also got me hooked on Brian Eno.
Thomas Mann as “Greg” and Olivia Cooke as “Rachel” in ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL. Photo coutesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures. © 2015 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
All Rights Reserved

That’s why CinemAddicts is the perfect name for the show Anderson and I do, because talking and dreaming about movies is the thing I actually do the most on a daily basis. Anderson, however, really commits himself to movies (i.e. what he’s done with Groupers and The Film Vault), and my love for film hasn’t been as steadfast or consistent.

Talking and fantasizing about film is absolutely different from actually watching the f**king thing, so “A Movie A Day” is my way of making a daily commitment to watching movies. So here’s how it will go:

  1. One movie a day for the rest of my life. Tragedy days excluded.
  2. At the end of each week, I’ll post mini-reviews/thoughts of each of these movies on this blog. I’ll probably give daily updates on my Twitter and Instagram page. If these updates annoy, please feel free to unfollow me – I understand!
  3. On certain days when I watch two or three movies, I will not carry the extras into the following day to cover my bases. It must be one movie per day.
  4. I also want to add a ton of Movie recommendations to my daily list to help me in the process. Please comment below or post your comment on the Find Your Seen Facebook page with your monthly movie recommendations and then email me at editor@deepestdream.com to confirm your entry (Subject entry: “A Movie A Day”). At the end of the month I’ll send over a Blu-ray over to the random winner (I will also watch the movie selected by the random winner). Winner will be announced on the FYS FB page (https://www.facebook.com/findyourseen/) .
  5. Though “A Movie A Day” will hopefully help increase listenership to CinemAddicts and drive readership to my blogs, the main reason is to put a focus on my priorities. Since most of my week deals with being a Manny to my niece, my hours are few and far between. Since I can’t devote a bunch of stories per day to legitimately grow the Deepest Dream site or this blog, I just want to focus on doing things I love on my free time. And since, at 46, there is no GF on the horizon (btw I’m totally fine w/ that!), I am devoting my free time to all things Cinema!!!

The “A Movie A Day” giveaway starts now – so whatever recommendations you give me will be for October. I will announce the winner of the Find Your Seen Facebook page (and also email the random winner).

Here’s October’s episode of CinemAddicts for a sample taste:


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