Kenneth Branagh On Binge Watching Television And ‘The West Wing’ Love

Director/actor Kenneth Branagh’s latest film, Murder on the Orient Express, is an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s bestselling novel. Branagh, an avid reader himself, explains why he doesn’t binge watch television shows and prefers to stick to reading a good book or watching a movie. Check out the Branagh audio below!


Murder on the Orient Express
Kenneth Branagh and Daisy Ridley star in Twentieth Century Fox’s “Murder on the Orient Express.” Photo CR: Nicola Dove

It’s funny to hear that the director of Thor, Cinderella and a Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit isn’t a huge consumer of TV pop culture, but his sentiment is definitely relatable:

“Basically I read books and I go to the pictures. I don’t really keep up with the current television. I’m completely overwhelmed by how much good stuff there is and it sort of paralyzes you. I don’t binge watch.

I binge watched once in my life years ago with The West Wing which I absolutely love. But Jesus Christ my life was disappearing quickly because we’d do (two episodes), my wife would . . . do the third one but fall asleep and then I would do the fourth one. The next day we’d argue because my wife (said) ‘How could you watch that thing without me? So now I’m watching reruns! I’m watching last night’s episode of The West Wing . . . . now I’m completely intimidated by the amount of Golden Age Television. I feeling like maybe for retirement – that’s the thing to do.” – Kenneth Branagh

Click on the audio version to hear Kenneth Branagh’s full answer why he doesn’t binge watch when it comes to television:

Murder on the Orient Express, co-starring Daisy Ridley and Johnny Depp, opens nationwide November 3rd.

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