Show Creator Derrick Redford Spotlights “Deep South” With ‘Memphis Fire’

It may be shooting in the lot driven confines Burbank, Ca., but the independently produced Memphis Fire’s narrative focus is lights away from La-La Land. Show creator Derrick Redford, who also stars in the project, had the single camera comedy pilot shot in Digital 4K. Details on the show, which co-stars David Arquette, is found after the jump!

The show centers on the misadventures of firefighters who put out blazes in Memphis, Tennessee. David Arquette is Chief Roberts, the leader of the crew who only ascended to the top due to seniority. Derrick Redford plays the chief’s son Johnny Roberts Jr., who probably isn’t too intimidated by his dad due to their age difference (they’re only 15 years apart). 

“I believe that TV is the new frontier for really great story-telling and the best stories are about firefighters in the Deep South,” said Redford who hails form Chattanooga, TN.  “I’m very excited to share ‘The South’ as I know it, with this show. Everyone has two first names and southern hospitality is King.” The show co-stars Noel Gugliemi, Peter Organ, Jeryl Prescott, and Jen Kater. 
Arquette has a natural comedic flair and it will be interesting to see if Memphis Fire will, due to its subject matter, will also have an underlying dramatic tone. The best comedies usually have their share of somber moments, but if Memphis Fire is light humor through and through I’ll also give it a shot.  I’m always pulling for Independently financed productions, and with a good premise like Memphis Fire, I’m betting this project finds a home.


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