Anderson Cowan Reviews ‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’ (CinemAddicts)

Since our monthly CinemAddicts podcast is a nearly two hour unwieldy mess (I mean that in a good way), I wanted to break our December audio a bit and spotlight Anderson Cowan’s review of The Killing of a Sacred Deer. I still haven’t seen this movie and like a moron I rarely come around to Cowan’s recommendations. I simply love his engagement when it comes to reviewing movies, so here’s his take on the flick below!!

The Killing of a Sacred Deer
Colin Farrell & Barry Keogan in “The Killing of a Sacred Deer.”
Photo by Jima (Atsushi Nishijima), courtesy of A24

I am still smarting over the horrible ending of The Lobster, so I’ve stayed far away from The Killing of a Sacred Deer (film stars Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, and Barry Keoghan). To Anderson’s credit he has extolled the virtues of director Yorgos Lanthimos (I believe he really loves Yorgos’ 2009 feature Dogtooth). 

I will be getting around to watching The Killing of a Sacred Deer in the coming weeks much to my hesitation, and one of the reasons why I love doing CinemAddicts is hearing Anderson Cowan’s passionate take on cinema. He’s my go-to guy for film talk and it’s a shame that I only get to see him once a month. I wish I could express myself as well as Mr. Cowan, but I digress – listen to his review of The Killing of a Sacred Deer below!! During the review, he also mentions that this might be one of his Top 10 films of 2017 and, in a just world, Barry Keoghan would receive a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nod! Please feel free to comment below and tell us what you think of The Killing of a Sacred Deer!! Thanks!!

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