Speros’ Heroes Comic Book Store Is My Canoga Park Haven

Billie Holiday’s “There Is No Greater Love” is playing as I write this quick recommendation, as 2017 closes with the discovery of my personal Field of Dreams – Speros Heroes’ Comic Book Store. If you’re looking for a slice of heaven (or haven), please spare a few minutes . . . 

I’ve been an on-again, off-again comic book fan throughout my 46 years, and thanks to friend and author James Dawson I’m back on the hook with my third day in a row visit to Speros’ Heroes Comic Book Store. If you’re reading this today (December 31, 2017), the establishment is running an 80% off Trade Paperbacks/Graphic Novels and selling their back issue books for 25 cents a pop!! Read my further thoughts below, but more importantly, get thee to a nunnery and head on over for this crazy deal (btw this is not a sponsored post!):

Tucked away in an industrial corner of Canoga Park (and bordering on Chatsworth), Speros’ Heroes’ Comic Book Store has thousands of back issue comics to sift through. I’ve spent an hour and a half during my visits and have barely scratched the surface, and if you’re a halfway engaged comic book enthusiast you’ll probably do the same (or go even deeper down the rabbit hole).

Speros' Heroes Comic Book Store
What’s in the box???? – Find out at Speros’ Heroes Comic Book Store!!

Though comic books stuffed in a multitude of boxes in a warehouse are a great selling point, that’s just part of the meal. The goods, at least for me, lies in the absolute engagement of the establishment’s owner (Elliot Speros) and his staff.

Speros' Heroes Comic Book Store
Owner Elliot Speros ready to give a great deal on my stack of comics!!

Speros has been an avid comic book collector since he was eight, and eventually he passed that passion down to his son Josh (who’s now 35). Collecting comics at antique stores in Canoga Park, Kip’s Toyland over at Farmer’s Market,  conventions, and other venues I’m not aware of led him to this humongous collection. After 33 years of being part of the work force (he described it, sans bitterness, as “drudgery), he decided to put his life’s work into Speros’ Heroes Comic Book Store. The place has been open since 2008 and, to my knowledge, there is nothing that rivals this establishment in the San Fernando Valley (or for that matter, Los Angeles County!).

Speros' Heroes Comic Book Store
Rule #1 at Speros’ Heroes Comic Book Store.

There’s a guy named Bill who volunteers to help organize the comics, a friendly manager named Chris, a Filipino dude (I believe his name is Evan?) I bonded with over our mutual love over the food (I made sure to mention Sari Sari Store during the chat). Bottom line is the conversation was free flowing and unpretentious, and it’s easy to see each of these guys have a deep love for comics. Another selling point is the actual store/warehouse is smashed into a busy commercial district, and there’s a ton of places to park on the street.

Speros Heroes' Comic Book Store
Speros’ Heroes Comic Book Store is literally tucked away in a Canoga Park/Chatsworth neighborhood.
Speros' Heroes Comic Book Store
Ample street parking for Speros’ Heroes Comic Book Store. Address is
9045 Eton Ave. Unit C Canoga Park, CA

Going through the back issues, especially for a fickle fan like myself, brought back scattered memories of my childhood, colleges years, and my twenties. These were the salad days of my comic book collecting, and rekindling that love, if only for a few moments, was worth the proverbial price of admission. Along with my daily cup of Joe, this is where I’ll be sinking a substantial amount of my cash. That being said, the deals offered are a total bargain, and Speros and his staff are more than willing to give customers an awesome $$$ break on their comics.

***Here’s a walkthrough video of Speros’ Heroes Comic Book Store from Weapon X Comics:

Speros actually mentioned my friend during the conversation, adding that he was happy Dawson found a couple of much needed back issues to complete his collection. I don’t know a ton of people who derive pure joy from helping other people, but my guess is Speros is one of the few and far between.

Good people and a lifetime’s worth of comics at one’s feet is reason enough to get out of the house for a little adventure. I love reading into things, and I believe the “Heroes” in the moniker has nothing to do with the bad ass characters who reside in Speros’ admirable (and seemingly endless) collection. Any person who’s devoted a life to comics and the stories that lie within deserves a cape to wear. Even though my unproductive self will never wear one, it’s great to see others fly into view.

Speroes' Heroes Comic Book Store
I miss reading Stormwatch and The Authority. Aiming to complete my collection at Speros’ Heroes Comic Book Store!! There goes my $$$!

***For more info on Speros’ Heroes Comic Book Store, please check out its official website and Facebook page.



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