Helen Mirren Builds A Haunted House To Remember In ‘Winchester’ Trailer

Movies inspired by true events immediately catch my attention, and with Helen Mirren and Jason Clarke toplining Winchester, that should be more than enough. The second trailer has just been released, and I’ll also throw out another huge reason to have high hopes for Winchester . . . 

Helen Mirren in “Winchester.”

The narrative centers on Sarah Winchester (Helen Mirren), the Winchester heiress who used a great chunk of her fortune to build an elaborate mansion in San Jose, Ca. 

Containing hundreds of rooms and reaching up to seven stories, the residence was actually constructed as a prison for what Winchester believed were hundreds of vengeful ghosts. Clarke co-stars in the flick as Doctor Eric Price, with Sarah Snook playing Winchester’s niece.

Helen Mirren & Jason Clarke in “Winchester.”

As much as I love Mirren and Clarke, along with my interest in eventually visiting the Winchester Mystery House, my main interest lies in The Spierig Brothers. The pair recently directed the latest Saw installment Jigsaw, and they also helmed the absolutely memorable and underrated time travel/mindf**k of a flick Predestination. Ethan Hawke headlined that flick, but it was the aforementioned Sarah Snook who stole the show. Snook was an absolute revelation in the film, and hopefully she gets a ton of layered work in Winchester (if not, it’s just great to see her reunite with the filmmakers once again). Here is Predestination’s trailer:

Winchester hits theaters February 2, and feel free to comment below and offer your thoughts on the trailer and this gothic thriller!!


The shadows follow her. #WinchesterMovie

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