Oprah Winfrey’s “Greatest Lesson” Came From Maya Angelou

Oprah Winfrey has served as a mentor and inspiration to many a soul, and one of her greatest teachers (and friends) was Maya Angelou. During the backstage press interviews at the Golden Globes, Winfrey recounted an important piece of advice doled out by Angelou:

During the backstage interviews, she talked about Maya Angelou:

“The greatest lesson I’ve learned throughout my career came from Maya Angelou, actually, when I was first meeting her. After I’ve known her for a while, she said, ‘Baby, you need to know that when people show you who they are, you believe them the first time, and your problem is it takes you 29 times to see the same lesson coming in a different skirt or wearing a different pair of pants.’ So I think that has been one of my greatest wisdom teachings, is to assess from people’s behavior, their actions—not just towards me, but towards other people—who they are and how they behave, because if people talk about other people, they’ll talk about you. So I think in business and personal relationships, that’s been my greatest lesson. Also staying grounded, has been really great for me.” – Oprah Winfrey

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