‘The Wall’ Host Chris Hardwick Shares His Key To Time Management

Along with hosting and executive producing The Wall, Chris Hardwick is an interviewer and podcaster, Nerdist head, Talking Dead host, and an up and coming film producer who inked a 3-picture deal with Blumhouse Productions. During The Wall interviews, I asked Hardwick about the secret to time management (at least for him). Video is below!!



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Chris Hardwick on Time Management:

“Having a colored calendar system is really helpful. So every different type of thing has a different color coating to it and then it’s all just modular. It’s figuring out what your optimum work output is – what that amount of time is. Everyone’s different. And you just sort of figure out ‘how do I work best in what amount of time?’

So maybe it takes you five minutes to warm up to something, but you know forty minutes after that you can be solid. But after that 40 minutes you’re just going to start looking up squirrel videos on YouTube.

It’s really just about understanding how you work and you have to do that by spending a couple of days and timing everything you do to sort of see like ‘oh, how long does it take me to do this or this’ because otherwise then you just live your life like you’re walking into a grocery store when you’re hungry (and) you’re just doing everything.

If you can really understand how you focus, then you can figure out how to balance your time because you know exactly how long it’s going to take you to do everything.”

The Video:

Do you have any tips on how you manage your own hectic day? Are you a fan of The Wall and should I check out the show? Feel free to comment below and fyi more coverage of The Wall and Hardwick will be featured down the road on this site and Deepest Dream!

The Wall airs Monday evenings on NBC (8/7c).

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