VIDEO: Chris Blue Talks Inspiration And Pain Behind ‘Blue Blood Blues’

Channeling heartbreak and pain into your work is what fuels some of the best (and most productive artists). For The Voice alum (and season 12 winner) Chris Blue, these experiences helped shape his single “Blue Blood Blues.” Check out video on Blue as he talks about the genesis of the track.

In the video, Chris Blue talks about a past relationship that went South, and instead of channeling that energy into something negative, that memory put him on a more creative path.

“I don’t believe ‘Blue Blood Blues’ would mean to me what it means without that experience,” said Blue who hails from Knoxville, Tennessee. “I thank God for that experience and wherever she is, ‘thank you.'” 

Check out the video below as Blue talks about the origins of “Blue Blood Blues”:


Greg Srisavasdi

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