CinemAddicts Episode 79: Nicolas Cage Rules And Anderson Cowan’s Road Show!!

If there’s a couple of takeaways from February’s installment of CinemAddicts, it’s this: Anderson Cowan has announced a road show that kicks off in Los Angeles and heads over to Chicago. Plus, Nicolas Cage still rules my cinematic world (he shares that throne with Brian De Palma). Details below!!

The first piece of good news is Cowan is several weeks away from a final edit (or is it a picture lock?) on Groupers, and he’ll be taking his movies on the road in select cities. Los Angeles and the aforementioned Windy City has been confirmed, and more dates will follow. Most of you are familiar with Cowan’s work with After Disaster and The Film Vault, and if you need more information check out Groupers’ official Facebook or Cowan’s own site.

The film that Anderson’s most pumped about in February is the punk rock flick Bomb City, which he aims to see this month and hopefully discuss it on our next ep. Here’s the trailer:

My movie recommendations are the excellent Nicolas Cage/Robin Tunney feature Looking Glass. If you love pulpy, lurid thrillers that boasts an unhinged Cage performance (along with solid supporting work from Robin Tunney and Marc Blucas), this should do the trick. Looking Glass comes out February 16 on Digital HD, On Demand, and in select theaters.

Looking Glass

Entanglement is another solid flick (Digital HD, On Demand, theaters Feb 9) headlined by Thomas Middleditch and Jess Weixler. Story centers on a suicidal dude (Middleditch) who tracks down a woman (Weixler) who was supposed to be his adopted sister years ago but fate took their lives on a different turn. I’ll be doing more in-depth reviews of Looking Glass and Entanglement in the coming days.

Entanglement - Entertainment One
Thomas MIddleditch and Jess Weixler in “Entanglement” (Entertainment One)

Also covered on the show (off the top of my head) are River’s Edge, Bone Tomahawk, Annihilation, Black Panther, Scorched Earth, Winchester and Predestination (a movie that I will continue to shamelessly plug till the day I expire).

Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts on the show or cinema in general. Thanks for the support and have a great week!!

Greg Srisavasdi

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