Joseph Arthur And Peter Buck Play On As New Band ‘Arthur Buck’
Joseph Arthur & Peter Buck. (CR:
Joseph Arthur and Peter Buck (R.E.M.) have joined forces to form the band Arthur Buck, and their debut album will be released by New West Records.


Peter like ocean waves of rock n roll. Lately when I’m in the ocean out at Cerritos and waves crashing like a giant at play, throwing you benevolently across a padded room. It’s fun! I like to think of the waves crashing thru me and somehow filling me with their force. Almost like a fun prayer. I didn’t read this anywhere. Just made it up, though I don’t pretend to be the first. I should google it. Theirs probably a name for it and a group that meets three times a year called ‘the ocean drifters’ or maybe that’s what surfing is all about? Who knows? That adventure still awaits me. But, Last night, I already wrote my Christmas Eve message and thought I was ready for bed. “Christmas Eve is the thing out here” Peter said. “It is isn’t it?” I said. “It always has been the real heart of the deal” It was getting close to midnight. I couldn’t sleep. I was working on solo tracks in my laptop when I heard a sneeze outside. I opened my door. Peter was there laying on a chair under the moon. “come record some guitar, I got a beat for that thing you’re working on” I said. “I’m ready to go now!” He said. ” “can’t sleep.” Next thing you know it got loud and I became a mic stand. And when I say loud. I mean LOUD. I couldn’t help but think about the ocean. The force of the waves going thru you. Remembering to be here in full gratitude of what was, and let the power of it, not only hit you, but also to become you. Merry Christmas everyone.

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The Arthur Buck seeds were planted after Joseph Arthur and Peter Buck improvised eight songs in eight hours near Buck’s home in Baja, Mexico. Arthur, who was just finishing up his own solo album at the end of 2017 told Rolling Stone that the union was instantaneous.

“All of a sudden it was like I had this musical partner and friend, and that relieved the music of the burden of the self, if that makes sense.”

Buck added that he sees their upcoming work is a “very forward-looking record” and it has a “questing kind of feel.”

“Upon hearing their demos, I was struck by how immediately the songs pulled you in and the hooks stayed with you,” said New West Records President John Allen. “We are very enthusiastic about this album and eager to see its release.”

Arthur’s song “In The Sun” was released as an EP whose proceeds benefited Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, and R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe and Chris Martin were among the artists featured in the collection.

Arthur Buck’s debut album comes out this year and the band will embark on a North American and European tour in support of the release.

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