My Movie Diary – Week Zero (‘Walking Out’ And ‘Darkest Hour’)

I’ve been wracking my pea sized brain on how to streamline my cinematic obsessions, and going with the life is too short theory, I’ve started up My Movie Diary, a weekly blog that will keep everyone up to date on movies I check out, personal stuff that’s going on, and Blu-ray giveaways I’ll be hosting through the two years and still running podcast CinemAddicts. Below are details on how this whole shebang will be run, and why the most important aspect behind this is actually you, my fellow cinephile out in the universe!!

Most of my week is devoted to taking care of my niece Clare, and what little free time I have has been devoted to watching and writing about movies. Once a month I meet up with Anderson Cowan for CinemAddicts, and we try to stuff as much material into that podcast as possible, but once a month isn’t enough to grow a consistent movie dialogue with our listeners.

My Movie Diary will be posted every Sunday, and the goal is to get as much  freeform, random, and occasionally insight cinematic stuff as possible. Week One of My Movie Diary will give you a better idea on what I’m shooting for – but my main wish is to grow our CinemAddicts community on an even bigger level. At the very worst (which in my opinion is also awesome), I’ll receive a ton of great movie recommendations that will broaden my horizons.

Walking Out

I’m taping a new episode on Monday, February 26, and each show a random winner will receive a Blu-ray of my choosing. This week, I’m giving away my copy of the Shout! Factory Blu-ray Walking Out, which stars Matt Bomer, Josh Wiggins, and Bill Pullman. To enter, simply comment below and name one of your favorite movies and briefly explain why you love the flick!! You can use the comment below or post your comments on the official CinemAddicts Facebook page.

Another giveaway, which features my copy of the Dunkirk Screenplay book and my Blu-ray copy of Darkest Hour, is now up on Deepest Dream.  That contest ends Tuesday, February 27.

Again, please share a movie below you love to enter the Walking Out Blu-ray giveaway – and there will be way more value added (at least I hope so) material with this column – Darkest Hourso please be patient. Thanks again for the support CinemAddicts listeners, and if you’re a newbie to this whole thing, great to meet you and if you’re a movie buff/cinephile/addict, you’ve come to the right spot!!



Greg Srisavasdi

Editor/Owner of Find Your Seen and Deepest Dream, I'm also a BFCA member and editor of Hollywood Outbreak. I also do a weekly movie review podcast called CinemAddicts. BFCA member, Clippers and UCLA Bruins lifer!!

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