CinemAddicts Episode 82: Beast, Class Rank, Future World, A Quiet Place

It’s episode 82 of CinemAddicts, and Anderson Cowan offers up his thoughts on A Quiet Place, You Were Never Really Here, The Death of Stalin, and a 2012 flick titled Small Apartments. He also discusses the state of the state on Groupers (for screening dates, go to On my end, I have just one thing to say: go see Beast!!!

Jessie Buckley & Johnny Flynn in “Beast.” Ph: Kerry Brown. Courtesy of 30West and Roadside Attractions

Beast centers on Moll (Jessie Buckley, an actress who delivers one of the year’s best performances), a troubled and unpredictable young woman who lives with her well to do parents in an isolated island community. Moll is an outsider who doesn’t bond with a soul until she meets a mysterious guy named Pascal (Johnny Flynn from Song One). Though Pascal may be the man of her dreams, he may also be a serial killer! I was riveted right through the end, and this narrative is 99% awesome (I didn’t dig the final shot, but most viewers will probably love it). Coming out in select theaters May 11, please keep Beast on your radar!!

***Below is an example of how to accentuate an amazing film in a couple of minutes. Great trailer for Beast!!

Other films covered on the show include Class Rank (which I dug as well – it opens May 11), Future World, and How To Talk To Girls At Parties, which is directed by Hedwig and the Angry Inch filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell.

My favorite part of CinemAddicts is listening to Anderson go off on cinematic tangents, and in this episode you’ll check out his love for Hedwig and his thoughts on filmmakers Jason Reitman (Tully) and Ron Howard.  I always love his takes!

Last but not least, I’ll still be doing giveaways on the CinemAddicts Facebook Page, but the giveaway that occurs during each of our episode is exclusive to the CinemAddicts Facebook Group.  The group will be a more daily, conversational, interactive thing while the page will function as a newsfeed. 

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