Sarah Shahi Reflects On Robert Altman Friendship And Acting Road

Mentors are an integral aspect in a person’s life, and for Reverie actress Sarah Shahi that early influence and guidance came from filmmaker Robert Altman (Nashville, Short Cuts). Check out the video below as Shahi recounts how Altman influenced her decision to movie out to Los Angeles and become an actress.

Sarah Shahi - Reverie
NBCUNIVERSAL EVENTS — 2018 Summer Press Day — Pictured: Sarah Shahi, NBC’s “Reverie” — (Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/NBCUniversal)

Sarah Shahi, who did musical theater growing up, had always wanted to be an actress. The Texas native, when she was a college freshman, decided to try out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and made it.

The actress eventually met Robert Altman during the production of his film Dr. T and the Women (they used the Cheerleaders rehearsal facilities for the movie set).

“We were buds,” said Shahi. “He took a huge liking to me. He invited me to sit next to him every day for two weeks at video village. We talked about everything other than the entertainment business. We had so much to talk about, he and I.”

The video, running over three minutes, has Shahi recounting how Altman influenced her decision to leave Texas and head to the City of Angels. It’s a great and random story that will stick with me for quite a spell, and having interviewed Altman several times, I can attest to his sincere engagement with people (he had his share of things to say, in a good way, after I expressed my love for his underrated feature Kansas City).

Lastly, apologies for the horrible audio on my question (which occurs during the middle of the vid), as I forgot to set up a microphone on my end!

Reverie debuts May 30 on NBC.



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