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Find Your Seen – What’s It All About?

Find Your Seen – What’s It All About?
Just a few books and DVDs I love - I'm sure I will love Middlemarch and the Raoul Walsh autobiography - I will get to those this year!!

There are so many things in my little brain right now that I don’t know where to begin. First off, Find Your Seen will be a blog based site where writers dole out some of their various recommendations on pop culture, life and basically everything under the sun! The idea for the site actually started about five years ago.

I’ve been interviewing actors/filmmakers/authors since 1991 (when I was a UCLA Daily Bruin film critic), so a big portion of this site will feature interviews.

My other site, Deepest Dream, will now be focused as a news gathering site for entertainment related material, and this blog will feature a deeper and more personal dive into the material I cover.

Back in 2015 (or was it ’16), I sat down with a friend to talk about the website, and since the findyourscene.com was already taken, we agreed that a play on the phrase would be interesting. The blog would feature four people sharing their personal stories from their respective corners of the world, which in turn would give readers a diverse perspective on various topics.

We wanted to share as well as learn from other people about their passions in life. What are the most beautiful parts of the world have they visited? More importantly, what insights do they have to share regarding the world we live in? Most of us want to be “seen” in this life, even if it’s through the eyes of our loved ones.

The twist on “Find Your Seen” was that although these four writers would talk about their own lives as well as give recommendations on topics that they love, the ultimate focus on the site would be to create a continuing dialogue where both the readers and writers benefit.

Basically, we created this site not to simply dole out insight or give opinions, but to learn from others.

Ironically, due to my own neglect of Find Your Seen due to Deepest Dream and my two podcasts (CinemAddicts and Matt and Greg Used To Interview Movie Stars), I actually lost all of the stories on the site! That will never happen again on my watch (at least I hope so!)

This is my first post on Find Your Seen in over two years, and for all intents and purposes this is the first post ever. I am going to see if I can get members of the four back again in some type of capacity, and see what we can create from this little blog. Stay tuned and thank you for your support.

If you have stories from your life you want to share or something to promote, hit me up at info@findyourseen.com. Thanks again!!

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I've been a movie reviewer/interviewer since 1991 (as a UCLA Daily Bruin scribe), worked at Westwood One, co-editor of Hollywood Outbreak, podcast co-host of "CinemAddicts" and "Matt and Greg Used To Interview Movie Stars." I can be reached at info@findyourseen.com for inquiries or whatever the case may be!

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