Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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Find Your Seen – What’s It All About?

Just a few books and DVDs I love - I'm sure I will love Middlemarch and the Raoul Walsh autobiography - I will get to those this year!!

There are so many things in my little brain right now that I don’t know where to begin. First off, Find Your Seen will be a blog based site where writers dole out some of their various recommendations on pop culture, life and basically everything under the sun! The idea for the site actually started about five years ago.

I’ve been interviewing actors/filmmakers/authors since 1991 (when I was a UCLA Daily Bruin film critic), so a big portion of this site will feature interviews.

My other site, Deepest Dream, will now be focused as a news gathering site for entertainment related material, and this blog will feature a deeper and more personal dive into the material I cover.

Back in 2015 (or was it ’16), I sat down with a friend to talk about the website, and since the findyourscene.com was already taken, we agreed that a play on the phrase would be interesting. The blog would feature four people sharing their personal stories from their respective corners of the world, which in turn would give readers a diverse perspective on various topics.

We wanted to share as well as learn from other people about their passions in life. What are the most beautiful parts of the world have they visited? More importantly, what insights do they have to share regarding the world we live in? Most of us want to be “seen” in this life, even if it’s through the eyes of our loved ones.

The twist on “Find Your Seen” was that although these four writers would talk about their own lives as well as give recommendations on topics that they love, the ultimate focus on the site would be to create a continuing dialogue where both the readers and writers benefit.

Basically, we created this site not to simply dole out insight or give opinions, but to learn from others.

Ironically, due to my own neglect of Find Your Seen due to Deepest Dream and my two podcasts (CinemAddicts and Matt and Greg Used To Interview Movie Stars), I actually lost all of the stories on the site! That will never happen again on my watch (at least I hope so!)

This is my first post on Find Your Seen in over two years, and for all intents and purposes this is the first post ever. I am going to see if I can get members of the four back again in some type of capacity, and see what we can create from this little blog. Stay tuned and thank you for your support.

If you have stories from your life you want to share or something to promote, hit me up at info@findyourseen.com. Thanks again!!

Reiki Memories From Montauk Refreshes Spirit

Montauk Salt Caves (Montauk, NY)

Waking up on this rainy morning in Los Angeles, as I continued to social distance, I found myself extremely energized. Recently my mind has been razor sharp due to all this isolation and quality of sleeping I’ve been taking advantage of. However, even though I feel amazing… It has opened up a wave of emotions that I suppressing for the last several months.

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching, reflecting, and understanding myself inwardly. It has brought up some eye opening experiences and emotions that I was numb too. As I do most mornings, I wake up, have a cup of tea, and start off by reading or writing. I read anything that catches my eye, and write some intentions for the day. I’m shocked that during this time of isolation, I’ve been more keen on the idea of working on myself.

There is no yoga to go to where a teacher is telling me how to release and how to feel. No friends to distract me while we drink copious amounts of wine and “let some steam off.” As I drifted off this morning remembering when I discovered the art of Reiki last summer. All the memories rushed back to me and my body had an overwhelming tingling sensation. It was almost if my body was remembering the energy work and craved more.

With a warming full body sensation, I reflected on my last session at Montauk Salt Caves, located in Montauk, NY. This,small tranquil places transcended my “busy body” and centered me immediately. You’ll come out refreshed, energized, grounded, and balanced. I highly recommend checking out some form of meditation or spiritual healing during these times. 10 minutes to an hour (if you have the time). Clearing your mind and body can and has been a reset throughout the day!

‘Almost Paradise’ Producer Dean Devlin Takes Bottom Pyramid View Of Leadership

"Almost Paradise" producer Dean Devlin. (WGN America)

Producer Dean Devlin’s latest project, the engaging crime action series Almost Paradise, reunites him with Leverage and The Librarians actor Christian Kane. I’ve seen two episodes of the Philippines based show, and aside from the awesomeness of having a predominantly Filipino cast and crew, the show is most importantly an engaging watch. During our conversation, Devlin gave a very insightful take on how he approaches his leadership role. Quote and accompanying audio is below!

Along with his television work, Devlin also directed the features Geostorm and Bad Samaritan (a 2018 thriller that I recently saw and dug – it’s currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video). He is also the head of the production company Electric Entertainment, so he knows a thing or two about being a leader:

I don’t know if I’m a great boss but I believe that when people think of leadership, they usually think of it like a pyramid and how the boss is at the top of that pyramid. I’ve always looked at it the exact opposite; the pyramid is upside down. Each layer of management is responsible for the layer that they are guiding. 

I’ve always looked at myself as the bottom of that pyramid with the weight of all the company on my shoulders.That I have a responsibility to the people who work for me, as opposed to them having a responsibility towards me.

By having that attitude, you earn their respect and then they’re not forced to want to work for you or want to do well. But they want to do it. They’re inspired to do it because they feel they have been treated well and they want to return the favor.

To listen to the audio version of Devlin’s answer, click on the Soundcloud bar:

Almost Paradise, co-starring Samantha Richelle and Arthur Acuña, airs Monday evenings on WGN America (10/9). My full audio interview with Devlin is available to Patreon members of CinemAddicts.

Hey, wait a minute . . . We’re back!

Social Distancing 7am

Hi world! Super excited to be back on the Find Your Seen platform, Greg (co-writer and my bff) and I have decided to reconnect and relaunch our site. During these challenging times brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve decided to get back to what I love best, and that’s writing.

I’m beyond blessed to share my stories and feelings with all of you. Issues I will write about include mental health, emotions, personal struggles, ambitions, hobbies, self care/self isolation ups and downs. (let’s not forget to laugh and focus on lightness as well!). I’m passionate that Find Your Seen can not only be cathartic for Greg and I, but also bring a little value to you as well (crossing fingers!).

I want to use this site to be extremely INCLUSIVE! We want to hear from you and learn from you all as well. As, we navigate through these uncertain times, let’s build a community where we can have a voice, connect, and support one another (even if, for now, it’s on social distancing terms). Lets get talking! Whether it’s the good or the bad (or even the ugly!), Find Your Seen is here for all things considered! Greg and I cannot wait to meet all of you out there and begin this journey together

Happy Sunday and stay safe everyone!