‘Flaming Lips’ Classic Injects Indie Feel To Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight

With its $217 million budget, Transformers: The Last Knight is as big as they come movie wise, as director Michael Bay is one of the kings of the tentpole franchise. It’s a pleasant surprise that the music behind its trailer owes a slight debt to The Flaming Lips. If you haven’t seen how musician/filmmaker Ursine Vulpine’s cover of “Do You Realize??” is utilized in the Transformers universe, check out the vid after the jump!

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Rockin’ Review: Genesis, ‘Duke’

Staying in 1980, the Rockin’ Review series continues with a more in depth look at Genesis’ ‘Duke’ album. By the time the ’80s rolled around, Genesis were in survival mode. They had survived the exits of singer Peter Gabriel and guitarist Steve Hackett, but were down to three members and in need of a break. The pressure to keep things going as a trio led the band to tour heavily in support of their prior release and it began to take a toll on Phil Collins’ marriage, so the group took some time off before reconvening in early 1979 to begin work on new music. Continue reading “Rockin’ Review: Genesis, ‘Duke’”

Rockin’ Review: The English Beat, ‘I Just Can’t Stop It’

As 1980 arrived, so did a new wave of ska performers and leading the pack were a U.K. outfit known as The Beat (or The English Beat in the U.S.). Singers Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger would go on to form General Public in later years, while guitarist Andy Cox and bassist David Steele also had future success in Fine Young Cannibals. The six piece was rounded out by drummer Everett Morton and sax player Saxa, and they got their first taste of acclaim on the 1980 debut disc, ‘I Just Can’t Stop It.’ Continue reading “Rockin’ Review: The English Beat, ‘I Just Can’t Stop It’”

Rockin’ Review: Split Enz, ‘True Colours’

The Rockin’ Review series continues with a flash back to 1980 with a band that seemed on the verge of big things, only to blow it all up and see part of the group achieve bigger things elsewhere. We’re talking about New Zealand modern rockers Split Enz, who saw the music world catch up to them around 1980 with the release of their ‘True Colours’ album.

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Rockin’ Review: Pat Benatar, ‘Crimes of Passion’

The Rockin’ Review series continues with another 1980 standout. Coming out of the gate swinging with ‘In the Heat of the Night’ a year earlier, Pat Benatar’s career was set to take off with arguably the biggest album that she would ever release — ‘Crimes of Passion.’ Continue reading “Rockin’ Review: Pat Benatar, ‘Crimes of Passion’”

Rockin’ Review: Rush, ‘Permanent Waves’

Our latest installment of ‘Rockin’ Review’ features an important “wave” that in an acclaimed band’s career. Canadian rockers Rush had already established themselves as one of progressive rock’s finest acts, but as a new decade started, they began to see some radio love as well. With 1980’s ‘Permanent Waves’ album, the band served up several cuts that fit within the traditional times to get radio airplay, though their penchant for epic, expansive tracks was still intact. Continue reading “Rockin’ Review: Rush, ‘Permanent Waves’”

Rockin’ Review: Devo, ‘Freedom of Choice’

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Up until 1980, Devo had been a bit of an underground phenomenon. There wasn’t really any act out there similar to these upstarts who thrived on a quirky look, a devotion to de-evolution and a sharp guitar-led rock style with some humor to it. But as the new decade started, Devo were primed for a breakout with their all-important third album, ‘Freedom of Choice.’ Continue reading “Rockin’ Review: Devo, ‘Freedom of Choice’”

Most Overlooked Films of 2015

Me And Earl and the Dying Girl

It was a banner year at the box office thanks to Jurassic World, the return of the Star Wars franchise and the ending of The Hunger Games franchise, but there were a number of films worthy of your attention that didn’t exactly break the bank at the box office. If you looking for something to catch on cable eventually or to spice up your Netflix viewing, here’s 11 films from 2015 worth taking a chance on. Continue reading “Most Overlooked Films of 2015”