Nicole Richie On ‘Great News’ Family: “We Just Loved Being Together”

Great News - NBC- Nicole Richie


There’s a ton of stuff to love with the upcoming NBC series Great News (I recently checked out the pilot). One of the takeaways is that Nicole Richie, who plays a trend obsessed cable news co-host on the show, has acting chops (anda a natural flair for comedy).

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Celebrity Trainer Latreal Mitchell Talks Early Career Ambitions

Celebrity trainer and health coach Latreal Mitchell’s initial designs were on a modeling career, but oftentimes another dream and path takes one on an entirely different direction. As a celebrity fitness expert (one of her clients is Michael Strahan) and a trainer on Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian, Mitchell is accustomed to motivating and supporting people. Check out our video below as Mitchell talks about her passion for health and fitness.

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Jessica Lowndes Talks ‘Underneath the Mask’ & Singing Journey

In the supernatural horror/film noir Abattoir, Jessica Lowndes is Julia Talben, a reporter who believes the murder of her sister, brother-in-law, and nephew might be traced to something bigger than the killer’s motives. It’s a multilayered narrated directed with flair from Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw IV, The Barrens), and Lowndes is convincing playing an “analog girl trapped in a digital world.”

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‘The Yoga Expo’ Heads To Los Angeles In December

The Los Angeles Convention Center will be a center for fitness and mindfulness, as The Yoga Expo is making its La La Land debut Saturday, December 17th. Attendees will receive unlimited yoga and meditation and experience sustainable food samples and live music.

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Gordon Ramsay Lights Cauldron At Caesars Palace Celebration

Award winning chef and television star Gordon Ramsay (Master Chef, Hell’s Kitchen) was on hand with his family to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Caesars Palace Las Vegas. The festivities, which took place Friday August 5, included a special birthday pool party with almost 3,000 hotel and special guests. Ramsay hosted the event at the Garden Of The Gods Pool Oasis.

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Jessica Alba Headlines Spring Cover of “Parents Latina”


Jessica Alba graces the cover of Parents Latina Magazine’s spring issue, and during her interview with the magazine she talked about the challenges (and obvious joy) behind juggling her family life and her successful career as the co-founder of The Honest Company.

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New York City’s Hidden Gems Offer Magic & Skin Deep Pleasures



As fall is “falling” away from us and we enter into the colder winter months, I would like to share some of my “hidden gems.” Now, this is New York City, a city of 8 million people. So sadly nothing is “really” that hidden nor exclusive anymore. I mean I’m not Beyonce or anything! However, when the weather drops, and a nightly park stroll is out of the question, these 3 stops are my go to spots. So whether you are in the mood for Southeast Asian cuisine in the Lower East Side, getting pampered on a dime in Chelsea, or some mind blowing magic in Flatiron District– then please read on my friends!!

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Kate Hudson Conducts “BitterSweet” Symphony With Campari Calendar

Kate Hudson - Campari

Oscar nominated actress Kate Hudson (“Almost Famous,” “Nine”) has collaborated with Campari, Italy’s beloved red aperitif, for a Calendar collection titled “The BitterSweet Campaign.” The word bittersweet is the perfect description for Campari’s flavor profile, and this year’s Calendar is encouraging fans to cast their vote via social media for their preferred flavor (#goBitter or #goSweet).

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Making the Cut: A Model’s Journey

Picture this — beautiful international 6 foot models swarming backstage, ready to strut their long legs in front of millions of cameras, capturing the vision of a beloved designer.  “Lights… Camera, Action, its New York Fashion Week 2015!” The fashion director cues the music as the first model is waiting behind a partition — palms sweaty, heart racing with adrenaline.

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