Places: ‘Chicago Fire’s’ Jesse Spencer Talks Love For The Midwest

Chicago Fire returns for its fifth season on October 11 (NBC, 10/9c), and actor Jesse Spencer attended NBC Universal’s latest TCA press tour and talked about the show. Along with being part of a successful program, Spencer has found his footing in Chicago. He elaborates on his affection for the Midwest after the jump.

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William Shatner And Jeff Dye Praise ‘The Dhara Devi Chiang Mai’ Hotel

Premiering August 23 on NBC (10 pm et/pt), Better Late Than Never has boxing legend turned businessman George Foreman, former NFL quarterback and current analyst Terry Bradshaw, actors Henry Winkler and William Shatner and comedian Jeff Dye traveling to Asia. The idea is to broaden their horizons and have a good time, but since this is a TV show we’re also assuming a bit of comedy is in the offing.

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Paris Days And Nights Are A “Moveable Feast”

Paris - CR: Deandra Miranda


Sunday morning – 9 am. I am pretending to watch football at my friend’s house. He turns to me and asks, ” Hey, don’t you have to pack? You are leaving to Paris tonight right?”  I aloofly answer, “Yeah, I’m suppose to…. But, don’t think I’m leaving tonight!” He gives me a confused look and changes the subject in fear of why I am so nonchalant.

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Making the Cut: A Model’s Journey

Picture this — beautiful international 6 foot models swarming backstage, ready to strut their long legs in front of millions of cameras, capturing the vision of a beloved designer.  “Lights… Camera, Action, its New York Fashion Week 2015!” The fashion director cues the music as the first model is waiting behind a partition — palms sweaty, heart racing with adrenaline.

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