Helen Mirren Builds A Haunted House To Remember In ‘Winchester’ Trailer

Movies inspired by true events immediately catch my attention, and with Helen Mirren and Jason Clarke toplining Winchester, that should be more than enough. The second trailer has just been released, and I’ll also throw out another huge reason to have high hopes for Winchester . . . 

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Brittany Snow Talks “Huge Honor” of ‘Bechloe’ Fan Fiction

Pitch Perfect 3


People who say movies don’t make a life changing difference probably aren’t cinephiles at heart, and one Pitch Perfect fan doesn’t subscribe to that opinion. In the audio clip below, Pitch Perfect 3 actress Brittany Snow talks about how the #Bechloe fan fiction and the films made a huge impact on a moviegoer.

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‘Midnight, Texas’ Actor Yul Vázquez Reflects On Montgomery Clift’s Legacy

Yul Vázquez - 'Midnight, Texas'
Yul Vázquez stars in the eagerly anticipated Midnight, Texas which is a work based on the work of author Charlaine Harris (True Blood). In the following post Vazquez, who plays Rev. Emilio Sheehan in the series, discusses the diversity behind the town of Midnight and elaborates how Montgomery Clift (my favorite actor bar none) has influenced his acting journey.

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‘Flaming Lips’ Classic Injects Indie Feel To Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight

With its $217 million budget, Transformers: The Last Knight is as big as they come movie wise, as director Michael Bay is one of the kings of the tentpole franchise. It’s a pleasant surprise that the music behind its trailer owes a slight debt to The Flaming Lips. If you haven’t seen how musician/filmmaker Ursine Vulpine’s cover of “Do You Realize??” is utilized in the Transformers universe, check out the vid after the jump!

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Flipping the Script on ‘The Mummy’ (1999)

The Mummy
Welcome to “Flipping the Script,” a monthly column where I will reconsider recent films that have been panned, frowned upon, or simply under appreciated. I believe that movies should speak to us on a deep, personal level, and this column will consist of films that have done that for me despite widespread derision or apathy. Join me on my noble quest for cinematic redemption!

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‘Find Your Seen’ Movie Pick: ‘Mifune: The Last Samurai’


If you’re anywhere near San Francisco on Saturday evening, director Steven Okazaki is doing a Q&A after a screening of his documentary Mifune: The Last Samurai at Shattuck Cinemas. More information on the Toshiro Mifune doc, along with my interview with Okazaki, is available after the jump.

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Kyra Sedgwick Talks Directing Journey And ‘The Edge of Seventeen’


Actress/producer Kyra Sedgwick (TNT’s The Closer, Heart and Souls) stars in The Edge of Seventeen, a first rate feature about Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld), a teenager who’s suffering her share of emotional trauma in high school. Sedgwick is Nadine’s oftentimes clueless mother Mona, a woman who also needs a bit of growing up to do. Check out our Q&A with Sedgwick as she talks about The Edge of Seventeen and her directing journey with Story of a Girl.

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Exclusive Q&A: Actress Ella Ballentine (“The Monster”)


Ella Ballentine first came on my radar after watching the tense thriller Standoff earlier this year. Her latest film The Monster is a unique horror/thriller and coming-of-age mash-up, featuring first rate performances from Zoe Kazan and Ballentine. During our talk, Ballentine talked about her memories of The Monster, deep love for acting, and why West Side Story is one of her favorite films. It was a very engaging conversation, and hopefully her easygoing humor comes off in that chat.

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Determined Actress Terri Abney Reflects On ‘Loving’ Journey

Director Jeff Nichols’ Loving, the story of how Richard and Mildred Loving’s (Joel Edgerton, Ruth Negga) relationship led to the landmark Supreme Court case ‘Loving v. Virginia,’ is one of this year’s finest films. A huge reason for its creative success rests on the organic, lived-in performances delivered by its ensemble. Terri Abney, who plays Mildred’s loyal to the bone sister Garnet, talked to us about her personal acting journey.

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Bianca Santos Talks Acting Journey With ‘Priceless’ Role

Opening nationwide Friday, Priceless centers on James Stevens (For King & Country’s Joel Smallbone), a hardened widower who takes a no-questions asked job to drive a box truck cross country. When James discovers that two understandably frightened sisters (Bianca Santos, Amber Midthunder) are his passengers, he risks his life by tangling with the criminal (Jim Parrack) who’s bent on having these women work for him. 

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