Dream Factory: A Movie A Day Keeps Reality Away

Me And Earl and the Dying Girl
Every month Allyson Gronowitz pens Flipping The Script, a monthly column which has her spotlighting films she feels are underrated (her latest entry takes a look at The Golden Compass). I’ve tried to do a cinema column myself, and considering my last Dream Factory post was in July, I’ve been failing miserably (or is it miserably failing). Henceforth (is that the correct usage?) I’m turning my DF column into a weekly thing powered by my “A Movie A Day” idea. Details (and I hope you help me on this journey) are below!!

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It Was All A Dream Or So It Seemed (‘It Comes At Night’)

It Comes At Night - Dream
Dream Factory, as I’ve stated in a previous column, started during my UCLA Bruin days and centered on my obsession with cinema. Twenty three years later, my rotund, balding self is grasping at straws (or in my case, another slice of pizza), but the goal of the column is to discuss movies that have really embedded themselves in my itty bitty brain. This week that feature is It Comes At Night.

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‘Stealing Home’ – A Cinematic Remembrance of Days Gone By

Back in 1992, I wrote a column titled Dream Factory for the UCLA Daily Bruin. The weekly articles offered up my takes on cinema, most of which were centered on my fixation with classic films from yesteryear. Almost everything changes with time and weather, but movies have always been my bedfellow (for better and worse). I’m resurrecting Dream Factory from the Bruin ashes (good luck trying to find my column online – it’s lost in microfiche land) for Find Your Seen, and hopefully you’ll join me on this haphazard yet well intentioned journey.

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