Fantasy Football 2015: Time to Take a Tight End?

Tight Ends were once an afterthought when it came to fantasy football, but today’s NFL is built for the pass and these part time blockers have more size, more speed and better hands than many of the predecessors. But when should you take a TE in your draft? Use of Fantasy Football guide to help you through draft day: Continue reading “Fantasy Football 2015: Time to Take a Tight End?”

Fantasy Football: The Top 60 Running Backs On The Board!

For years, the most popular strategy in fantasy football was to draft your running backs early. They can put up big numbers both rushing and receiving and the quality at the top was in much greater shortage. But as anyone who has played the last few years can attest, there are fewer every down backs in the NFL and the lifespan for top-points potential amongst NFL running backs is often unpredictable.
So proceed with caution. To help you on Draft Day, here’s our guide to Fantasy Football Running Backs. Continue reading “Fantasy Football: The Top 60 Running Backs On The Board!”

Where Should You Draft Your Fantasy Football Quarterback?


Another year of Fantasy Football is rapidly approaching and we’re here to get you up to speed before your draft day. While quarterbacks typically score you the most points in Fantasy Football, there is something to be said for the strategy of waiting to draft your quarterbacks as there are so many solid options, where other positions are more limited. So before you go pulling the trigger on Aaron Rodgers in the first round, realize that you may be able to get a quarterback that scores just a little bit less around the sixth or seventh round. Continue reading “Where Should You Draft Your Fantasy Football Quarterback?”