Larry Bell’s ‘Pacific Red II’ Goes Glass At The Whitney

The fifth floor deck of the Whitney is a fine place for “Pacific Red II,” as far as Larry Bell is concerned. The series of six massive glass red cubes with smaller cubes inside was visible from his room at the nearby Standard Hotel where he stayed during the installation last March. Even better, “Pacific Red II” is visible from the Empire State Building.

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It Was All A Dream Or So It Seemed (‘It Comes At Night’)

It Comes At Night - Dream
Dream Factory, as I’ve stated in a previous column, started during my UCLA Bruin days and centered on my obsession with cinema. Twenty three years later, my rotund, balding self is grasping at straws (or in my case, another slice of pizza), but the goal of the column is to discuss movies that have really embedded themselves in my itty bitty brain. This week that feature is It Comes At Night.

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Rockin’ Review: Genesis, ‘Duke’

Staying in 1980, the Rockin’ Review series continues with a more in depth look at Genesis’ ‘Duke’ album. By the time the ’80s rolled around, Genesis were in survival mode. They had survived the exits of singer Peter Gabriel and guitarist Steve Hackett, but were down to three members and in need of a break. The pressure to keep things going as a trio led the band to tour heavily in support of their prior release and it began to take a toll on Phil Collins’ marriage, so the group took some time off before reconvening in early 1979 to begin work on new music. Continue reading “Rockin’ Review: Genesis, ‘Duke’”

Celebrity Trainer Latreal Mitchell Talks Early Career Ambitions

Celebrity trainer and health coach Latreal Mitchell’s initial designs were on a modeling career, but oftentimes another dream and path takes one on an entirely different direction. As a celebrity fitness expert (one of her clients is Michael Strahan) and a trainer on Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian, Mitchell is accustomed to motivating and supporting people. Check out our video below as Mitchell talks about her passion for health and fitness.

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Producer America Ferrera Gets ‘Gente-Fied’ At Sundance

America Ferrera, Ben Feldman - Superstore
As evidenced by her impassioned and pointed speech at the Women’s March on Washington, America Ferrera is focused on empowering voices that may be or have been silenced through the years. On Monday, Gente-fied, a digital web series Ferrera co-produced with Macro, is debuting at the Sundance Film Festival. The actress/producer talks about the project after the jump.

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‘Find Your Seen’ Movie Pick: ‘Mifune: The Last Samurai’


If you’re anywhere near San Francisco on Saturday evening, director Steven Okazaki is doing a Q&A after a screening of his documentary Mifune: The Last Samurai at Shattuck Cinemas. More information on the Toshiro Mifune doc, along with my interview with Okazaki, is available after the jump.

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Jessica Lowndes Talks ‘Underneath the Mask’ & Singing Journey

In the supernatural horror/film noir Abattoir, Jessica Lowndes is Julia Talben, a reporter who believes the murder of her sister, brother-in-law, and nephew might be traced to something bigger than the killer’s motives. It’s a multilayered narrated directed with flair from Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw IV, The Barrens), and Lowndes is convincing playing an “analog girl trapped in a digital world.”

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Flipping the Script on ‘Thor: The Dark World’

Welcome to “Flipping the Script,” a monthly column where I will reconsider recent films that have been panned, frowned upon, or simply under appreciated. I believe that movies should speak to us on a deep, personal level, and this column will consist of films that have done that for me despite widespread derision or apathy. Join me on my noble quest for cinematic redemption!

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