‘Red Sparrow’ Review: This Little Bird Fails To Fly

Red Sparrow
Reviewers were given a very task with Red Sparrow, as we’re not allowed to reveal major plot points with this Jennifer Lawrence headlined feature. Running at 139 minutes minutes, the flick ambitiously attempts to cram a ton of genres into the narrative and, for the most part, fails.

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It Was All A Dream Or So It Seemed (‘It Comes At Night’)

It Comes At Night - Dream
Dream Factory, as I’ve stated in a previous column, started during my UCLA Bruin days and centered on my obsession with cinema. Twenty three years later, my rotund, balding self is grasping at straws (or in my case, another slice of pizza), but the goal of the column is to discuss movies that have really embedded themselves in my itty bitty brain. This week that feature is It Comes At Night.

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Film Q&A: ‘Loving’ Actress Ruth Negga

Awards season are in full swing, and one of my favorite performances this year comes from Ruth Negga, co-star of Jeff Nichols’ drama Loving. Negga, who will receive the Rising Star Award, at the Palm Springs International Film Festival’s “Film Awards Gala,” has made her rounds with the press to promote the film. I was one of the interviewers at the following press junket roundtable, and check out the full interview below:


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Determined Actress Terri Abney Reflects On ‘Loving’ Journey

Director Jeff Nichols’ Loving, the story of how Richard and Mildred Loving’s (Joel Edgerton, Ruth Negga) relationship led to the landmark Supreme Court case ‘Loving v. Virginia,’ is one of this year’s finest films. A huge reason for its creative success rests on the organic, lived-in performances delivered by its ensemble. Terri Abney, who plays Mildred’s loyal to the bone sister Garnet, talked to us about her personal acting journey.

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