Exclusive: ‘Complete Unknown’ Interview With Director Joshua Marston


One film I simply can’t get out of my head is director Joshua Marston’s Complete Unknowna narrative he co-wrote with Julian Sheppard. The tale centers on Alice (Rachel Weisz), an unpredictable yet in many ways bold woman who changes her identities at the drop of a hat, ready to experience new adventures once the proverbial well runs dry. Michael Shannon co-stars as Tom, a Brooklynite who Alice reunites with during a fateful dinner.

Check out my interview with Marston, as he talked about Complete Unknown, frogs in Staten Island, and his love for such films as Ordinary People and Blade Runner.

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Andrew Garfield: “I Betray Myself Every Day To Survive”

99 Homes
Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man, Never Let Me Go) stars in 99 Homes as Dennis Nash, a single dad who is evicted out of his Florida home by a opportunistic real estate magnate (Michael Shannon). During yesterday’s interviews to discuss 99 Homes, Garfield gave an insightful answer to one of the film’s themes.

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