CinemAddicts 5: ‘Hail, Caesar!’ & ‘Misconduct’


I’ve done five episodes of CinemAddicts with my podcast partner Anderson Cowan, and thus far it’s one of the best collaborations I’ve had to date. Close friends since 1996 (during my radio days), we’ve shared an inextricable bond over movies. Though our tastes are as different as night and day, we both understand and respect each other’s viewpoint. Case in point – our review of the Josh Duhamel/Al Pacino/Anthony Hopkins thriller Misconduct.

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Morning Musings For A Writer’s Block Wednesday

I’m not much of a writer.  I know it’s shocking since this is only my second story here and the new guy JP is knocking out new stories faster than “Iron” Mike used to knock out opponents –quickly.  It’s nothing new writing was never my thing.  Maybe it’s a self fulfilling cycle since I don’t see myself as a writer and I’ve come to believe it.  Or maybe I just don’t have much to say.  I don’t know. Continue reading “Morning Musings For A Writer’s Block Wednesday”