Review: ‘Irrational Man’ Is Woody Allen In Fine Form

Emma Stone as Jill and Joaquin Phoenix as Abe Photo by Sabrina Lantos © 2015 Gravier Productions, Inc., Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

I went to see Irrational Man at the famous Angelika Theater in Soho. When I arrived I was a tad scared as I saw a huge line outside the theater. Maybe, I was channeling my inner Woody Allen — you know the scene in Annie Hall where he almost has a heart attack when an arrogant loudmouth behind him is giving his two cents on a director’s newest picture. Anyways, I came soon to find out that the line wasn’t for the movie. I pleasantly asked the clerk for one ticket to the 7:15 showing.

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New York Autumns To Remember – ‘Find Your Seen’ Podcast

Fall is right around the corner, and what is better than, as Billie Holiday once sang, an ‘Autumn in New York?’ Nothing beats when the leaves begin to change that beautiful red rust color, and the air is as crisp as a MacIntosh Apple.

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